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  • Flash Post: Save It For A Rainy Day

    Dream Money BankWhat It Is: Photo frames with a built-in transparent panel that doubles as a piggy bank. Insert what you’re saving up for – like an exotic trip, a pair of shoes, or your first home – and know that every loonie you’re depositing is going towards your big dream.
    Who It’s For: Your recently engaged best friend that wants to buy a killer dress. Your parents that are just about to settle into their twilight years and have their eye on a winter home in Phoenix. Your boyfriend, that won’t stop complaining about his rusty bucket of a car.
    What It Costs: $29
    Where It’s At: Canadian eTailer Spunky Sprout.

    3 Responses to “Flash Post: Save It For A Rainy Day”
    1. Susan says:

      This would be great with a picture of a baby and a “hint” to grandparents to save for a RESP!

    2. Anne Taylor says:

      I love this product! What a great visual way to remind yourself of a personal goal! #cgg

    3. Emilia Turner says:

      Love the frames, fun to dream #cgg

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