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Fash From The Past

fashion plates

I was beyond delighted to see that one of my favourite toys from the 90s has been given a 21st century makeover. Perfect for budding designs, creative types and fashionistas alike, this is a seriously stylish gift idea.

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Fash Films

Isaac Mizrahi

We’re on the cusp of fashion week! So get inspired with these homages to the fashion industry with this week’s Quick Picks – five fabulous flashy fash films.

Runway Reads


A brief look at a swath of fashion-focused reads for the most mall-obsessed maven in your life.

Lovin’ Lanvin


Stop your friends in their tracks with absolutely ah-mazing looks from H&M’s collaboration with Lanvin. Start your engines and get revved up for a fashion escapade come November 20th!

Muckin’ About


It’s getting cold out there, so wrap your loved one in warmth and style with a pair of Canadian designer Julie Pedersen’s muckies.