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Clad In Christmas

All-Clad Pizza Set with Pizza Stone

CONTEST ALERT! If you want to help someone build out their fantasy kitchen, look no further than All-Clad. I’ve rounded up five of their most spectacular gift ideas for the season, plus I’m giving away a $160 Kitchen Tools Set to a lucky reader.

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An Apple A Day


CONTEST ALERT! Get f-r-e-s-h-e-r for longer with Bluapple; an ingenious kitchen gadget that can extend the life of your produce for up to twice as long.

Expand Your Space

Umbra Expanding Trivet

Gift ideas need not always be flashy or pricy; case in point, today’s nifty kitchen gadget with a really universal, practical purpose.

Cream Coloured

Cream Coloured

CONTEST ALERT! ‘My Favourite Things’ is back with a bang! Today I’m featuring five frothy gift ideas all playing on the colour and taste of ‘cream’. Plus you could win 1 of 3 Cream Coloured prize packs.

Fanning the Flames

Quirky Grill Wrangler

CONTEST ALERT! I’m giving away a dream BBQ package to one lucky winner and it could be you…check out *all* the goods inside this post and get ready to start drooling.

Flash Post: Cube As Can Be

Rice Cube

Serve up something special in mere seconds with today’s nifty kitchen gadget: the Rice Cube.

Flash Post: Hug It Out

Hug A Mug

Hey sweethearts, I’ve got one last cupid-themed gift idea for you, albeit with a slightly less sugary sweet twist. Read on to learn more about the Hug A Mug!

Flash Post: Cuts Like A Knife


Start saving those pennies kids…this month’s fantasy gift is a stunning set of knives-meets-art, with a price tag that matches their beauty.

Final Countdown

Peony Petal Soap

Heading out to a NYE party tonight? You best be stocked up with a hostess gift in your cache then. I’ve got five last-minute finds all under $15 a pop!

The Very Best Brunch

Canvas Text Bread Basket Indigo

CONTEST ALERT! Presenting ten fantastic picks tied into holiday brunch + win a $75 gift set of BeaverTails goodies.

Flash Post: Have Your Cake

Zyliss Cake Server

A wondrous kitchen gadget designed to make serving your favourite pies, cakes, and more a snap, today’s gift choice is a wonderful seasonally appropriate idea.

I Heart Colour

Brooklyn Leitch Photography

CONTEST ALERT! It’s not like I exactly need to broadcast this or anything, but the title of this post is so very true. Presenting five UBER COLOURFUL gift ideas for your enjoyment, including gorgeous art prints by Brooklynn Leitch – which you could win for yourself!