Not My Forté

The theme of this week has been threefold. One, most obviously, thank-you gifts. Two, less obviously, as easy to obtain as possible – as in, I’ve avoided eTailers where I could. Three, there’s been a general theme of consumption on this most sumptuous of holidays. Did I mention when talking about Fruits & Passion Cucina line that when I first spotted it years ago I legitimately wondered if F&P had gotten into the food distribution business?

Anyway, I’m excited to note that one of my favourite sources for gift ideas, Indigo/Chapters, has recently updated their website to include their fantastic gift-giving department. Virtually every product on the Indigo/Chapters website is available in-store, so if you spot something you want on their website and don’t want to shell out for the overnight delivery pre-T-giving, zip on over to your local to snap up a special something for those special someones you’re spending the weekend with.

I could have recommended one of a million products from the site, but I ended up zeroing in on another tea set, on par with the deliciousness I talked about with David’s Tea the other week. Since it’s a longstanding tradition to enjoy a cuppa tea, coffee, or if you’re super ancient, a snifter of brandy post-dinner, why not help out the hostess by providing a little set for everyone to sample from? Tea Forté’s organic tea sampler has twenty diffusers of five different flavours, easily enough for your standard Thanksgiving dinner crowd.

If $27 is a little more than you’d like to spend, they’ve got smaller sampler packs at the cost of a bottle of wine, at just $13. Honestly I’m just gushy about how much I love the company’s gift department, and seeing that it’s online in beautifully photographed glory has me right chuffed. Take a gander for yourself if you’re *still* stumped for ideas after my weeklong diatribe on the art of saying thank you in gift form!

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