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Well today’s suggestion is pretty gosh darn simple: Magic Crumbs are flavoured Panko breadcrumbs. Panko being the cooking ingredient du jour, imported from Japan and fried to crispy goodness on everything from chicken fingers to shark steaks. Next time you’re heading to a dinner party or spending the night as a houseguest, consider having a few containers of these in your pantry so you can snag one as a go-to quirky hostess gift.

There are six varieties to tempt your tastebuds and stock your pal’s shelves, including Pommery Mustard, Tex Mex, Italian, Cajun, Toasted Coconut (drool), and Black Peppercorn. If you’re heading to a theme party, consider grabbing the associated flavouring to inspire your next get-together. The good news? Unlike many pre-prepared grocery / gift store goodies, these puppies have all-natural ingredients, are low or have no fat, and are completely trans-fat free. As per usual, I found Magic Crumbs at one of my FAVE local retailers, but that’s not to say you can’t find them on your shelves.

The Magic Crumbs website has a list of BC and Ontario retailers that are known retailers of the products, or you can try All Fresh Seafood (it’s unclear whether they ship to Canada, although this is a non-perishable so they should).

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