People have been throwing Halloween gift ideas at me for the last little bit. To me, Halloween is a WEIRD gift-giving occasion, aside from the dozens or hundreds of mini-monsters that appear on your doorstep looking for candy. Most adults I know will buy themselves plenty of tricks and treats, but the occasions to purchase someone else a Halloween gift are kind of limited. However I’m compiling today’s Halloween-themed gift on the basis that:

A) Your friend is batsh*t crazy about Halloween and you just want to give ’em something for it
B) Your friend is batsh*t crazy about Halloween and you’ve got a specific occasion – birthday, anniversary, thank-you – with which to gift them
C) Your friend is hosting a Halloween party and you want to give them a gift related to the party’s theme. (In my opinion, a little moot. It’s like receiving an Xmas ornament on Christmas morning. Sad.)

Bath & Body Works Mini Body Lotion Bundle – $10
Obviously, my go-to pick for any sort of Halloween gift is Bath and Body Works. They put a heck of a focus on this most meaningless of holidays (at least in terms of the bath industry) but I LIKE it. Why? Because they have new products from year-to-year, and they’re always crazy affordable, making them perfect little hostess, thank-you, or supplementary gifts. They’re also a good way to give someone who’s NOT batsh*t crazy about Halloween a touch of Halloween spirit. Stock a lotion on your co-worker’s desk, plug-in a spider votive in your book club friend’s wall, or give the mommies in your life hand sanitizer for the post treating eating. There are B&BW stores all over Canada now, so just head down to your local and stock up.

Here’s another idea. DIY. I don’t talk about DIY that often here because my goal is to highlight retailers and products that are readily accessible to shoppers. But pumpkins are readily available to shoppers, and who doesn’t love to support their local farmers? I’ve seen a TON of cool ideas for custom pumpkins like the candy corn ones above. Consider gathering your hubby, friends, or kids and decorating a few pumpkins to drop off with your closest friends and family. Other ideas? Martha Stewart has 76 of them, but I particularly love the glittery ones (her products are available at Micheal’s). Also check out Better Homes & Gardens ideas, including this stunning lacy option.

Vampire Wines – $9.95-$34.95
Halloween gifts don’t have to be hokey by the way. Why not score a bottle of Vampire wine from your local liquor mart and bring it to the Halloween party you’re attending? Totally thematically appropriate without being specific to that very occasion. In other words, you can let the wine sit in your cellar for six months and it’ll still be enjoyable, unlike say, a glittered pumpkin.

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – $21
Finally, I’d be remiss not to mention one of our culture’s most beloved Halloween Classics – ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown’, which is easily available on DVD. Gift it to a child who’s never experienced the magic, or buy it for your best friend or spouse for a quiet retro kickback night in, in lieu of partying.

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