Blinded Me With Science

I feel like I’m repeating myself when I keep highlighting new fave brands and new fave products…but there are SO MANY great brands out there, and today’s umbrella of brands are certainly amongst them.


Introducing DECIEM, which charmingly refers to itself as ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’. Founded by industry vet Brandon Truaxe (who successfully launched two other high-profile body / skincare / cosmetics companies in the past), DECIEM rocks for a whole host of reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. They’re based in Toronto. Which is cool enough on its own…but they actually do their R&D in-house in Toronto AND their manufacturing. So this is a totally amazing Canadian brand from start-to-finish.
  2. Their products are totally different from virtually anything you’ve ever seen on the shelves.
  3. They actually have – as I mentioned above – an umbrella of brands, each with its own unique focus, so you can either jump between them based on what you’re looking to improve, or peruse their entire lineup.
  4. Depending on the brand you’re shopping from, they offer free worldwide shipping or free express shipping in Canada.
  5. Their whole brand has a cool, science-y vibe to it. You get the feeling (and results) that their brand promises are based on actual scientific considerations and not just empty promises.

Today I’m going to give you a quick tour of several of their portfolio of brands – then I invite you to peruse their site to check ’em out for yourself!


Hylamide – From $20
First up we have skincare line Hylamide. Housed in Pantone-esque, lab-style eyedropper bottles, these compact complexes each offer their own benefits. Mix and match them to create your ideal skincare cocktail – start with a product from the Core Series for daily use, then add on Boosters ($20 each) to address specific seasonal concerns or things you really want to focus on for a period of time. After you’ve saturated your skin with the good stuff, check out their super cool lineup of Photography Foundation, designed to ‘blur’ imperfections and give you a flawless face. It’s a perfect 1-2-3 punch and all of it is totally affordable!


Fountain – From $24
If you believe that beauty comes from the inside out, then Fountain is for you – cause that’s exactly how it works. This intriguing line of health and beauty tonics are formulated to perk up your system with specialized supplements. The concept is simple – take a spoonful of your chosen supplement (called ‘Molecules’) each day, and see the results. Their range of tonics is pretty impressive too – from ones designed to boost your hair or skin clarity to ones that can supercharge your energy and overall health. It’s a neat ‘beauty gift’ for people who don’t want to use actual beauty products.

hif Hair Products

HIF (Hair is Fabric) – From $25
If push came to shove, I *may* have to identify HIF as my favourite of the DECIEM brands…a super targeted hair care line, designed to treat your hair as gently as if it were couture clothing at the dry cleaners, every time I use my Volume Support conditioner, I’m blown away by how amazing my hair looks and feels. It’s almost a freakish type of clean. I’d also like to mention at this point that all of DECIEM’s brands have interesting pricing models, which goes back to founder Brandon Truaxe’s roots in discovering that beauty brands will often sell a product for far more than it costs them to produce. You’ll notice that the brands – despite selling relatively similar single products (like HIF’s lineup of hair treatments) are priced differently, logically based on how much it costs them to produce. Fair pricing, just another reason why the brand rocks!

Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous – From $23
If your aim is to have longer, thicker locks, then Grow Gorgeous is worthy of your attention. The brand’s core products are two hair serums, which are applied once daily to kickstart your follicles into producing new strands of hair. Even the lower dose serum of the two is designed to look like you’ve got an extra 13,000 new locks! To complement your serums, the brand also includes a few different hair treatments – from shampoos to overnight hair masques – designed to both protect and nourish your scalp.

Hand Chemistry

Hand Chemistry – From $9
You can have all the plastic surgery you want…but your hands are often a dead giveaway as to how old you really are. That is, until Hand Chemistry came along, which works its magic in just 10 days to reverse the signs of aging, help your skin retain moisture, and improve elasticity (amongst several other features). The line goes beyond just hand lotions too – they also carry a heel cream that works both above and below the surface to smooth rough skin, and they’ve got several body oils for an all-over glow.

So…this isn’t even ALL of Deciem’s brands! They actually have several others, each with their own unique focus. NIOD is an upscale skincare line that’s designed to rival plastic surgery in its results. WhiteRX is their line specifically created for those interested in visible skin lightening results. Inhibitif minimizes hair regrowth in areas you’d normally shave, so you can break out that razor less often. AB Crew is specifically geared toward fitness buffs, with everything from supplements to tanning lotions. And there are already three other brands in the works that’ll be launching soon.

I am so thrilled to be able to introduce you to this innovative, industry-disrupting company and I again encourage you to visit any one of their sites – they’re all connected by clicking the little icons at the top. Plus I’m thrilled to be giving away $150 in DECIEM products to a lucky reader! Here’s how to enter for your shot at winning:

1) First of all: you must be a subscriber to the Canadian Gift Guide to enter this giveaway. It’s as simple as finding ‘The Gift of Gab’ box in the righthand column and dropping in your email or clicking follow. Then leave me a comment below by November 30, 2015 with a link (or links) back to your favourite products from the DECIEM site. Click on the icons at the top of the page to navigate between their brands.

2) Entries are limited to one per person / per email address / per household (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around December 1, 2015 to select the winner, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Canadians that have reached the age of majority in their province. Quebec is not eligible for this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry #1: Like the brand on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall regarding the brand and / or product(s) you are most excited about! You are not under any obligation to mention the CGG. Please leave a link back to your Facebook wall post in a separate comment below.

5) Bonus Entry #2: Follow the brand on Instagram and either regram one of their photos or share a photo from their site onto your own Instagram, tagging @Deciem10 and using the hashtag #DECIEMCGG. Link back to your photo in a separate comment below.

172 Responses to “Blinded Me With Science”
  1. Shelley N says:

    My hands are a mess from my job so I would pick My hands could use the extreme hydration

  2. AJ (@AmyB_789) says:

    Would love to try out the Hylamide Subq Eyes. I’ve been desperately looking for a good eye product to help with my bags and dark circles but haven’t found anything that works yet!

  3. Margaret Palmer says:

    I would love to try the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex.

  4. Kimberley Hamilton says:

    I am obsessed with the HIF conditioners. Would love to try the Fountain products too!

  5. Grow Gorgeous or Hand Chemistry! I need help with both!

  6. Susan Patterson says: – this hand chemistry product look awesome – thank you!

  7. staceyboden says:

    Fountain is incredible, especially the Energy Molecule:

    The Inhibitif Body Serum looks amazing:

    And I’d love to get just about anything from the Ab Crew line but especially the Chocolate Hazelnut Ab Carving Protein:

  8. T-Dub says:

    A Canadian company…not tested on animals…love it! Would like to try so many of their products but the eye cream is really catching my eye!

  9. I like the white blur here
    I subscribe by email

  10. dabrowne says:

    I like the hand chemistry line at Deciem because winter is a killer, my fingertips crack in the cold.

  11. Elaine R says:

    I am already a Canadian Gift Guide subscriber. I would love to try the Sub Q Anti-Age Serum –

  12. diane says:

    I’d like to try the SubQ Anti-Age serum.

  13. Tamara Attanasio says:

    The hand Chemistry is where it’s at for me! I have such dry hands – this looks fantastic!

  14. Dreena says:

    This product looks awesome:
    I’d love to try it.

  15. Haroon Khan says:

    I like the Hand chemistry Hyaluronic concentrate –

  16. I’m a sensitive type so I like their Hylamide Sensitive booster:

  17. Norma D says:

    HIF conditioners are amazing!

  18. aly3360 says:

    i’m interested in the HEEL HYDRATION COMPLEX and I subscribe to your blog!!

  19. aly3360 says:

    I’ve liked the brand on facebook and left a comment.

  20. intensev5 says:

    I would like this anti aging serum:

  21. Kathleen says:

    I want to try the Hand Chemistry Glow Oil. Looks pretty cool

  22. louise says:

    I would love to try the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex.

  23. Brenda Penton says:

    I like the Hylamide Booster Glow and the Fountain The Glow Molecule

  24. Lisa Morrison says:

    I would like to try the inhibiting hair growth body serum.

  25. Sherry Kinnear says:

    I would love to try the HYALURONIC CONCENTRATE and the Extreme Hydration Complex.

  26. Sherry Kinnear says:
  27. Amber Flowers says:

    My favorite products from the DECIEM site are…

    The hair molecule:

    The Hyaluronic Molecule:

  28. Julia H says:

    Already a subscriber. My favourite product is the Blonde Hue Support

  29. Meg says:

    I have learned about a lot of new brands thanks to this site! I checked out Deciem – great products! I like serums, so I’d love to try the SubQ Anti-Age seen here:
    I would also be interested in trying this Fountain stuff – it looks really cool and won a Cosmo award:
    And this serum is a bit expensive but I bet it really works! See here:

  30. Meg says:

    I liked Deciem and left a Facebook message here:

  31. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’d love to try the Anti-Frizz Support from hif:

  32. Jolie says:

    Here is my favourtite product from Deciem

  33. Alison K says:

    I’m a subscriber to the Canadian Gift Guide. My favourite products from the DECIEM site are WhiteRx’s Activated Serum, Fountain’s The Glow Molecule & NIOD’s Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1.00%

  34. M. Archambeau says:

    The hand formula triple-function hydrator lotion looks great!

  35. Solomon says:

    Interesting gift ideas

  36. Joan G. says:

    I’d be interested in the Heel Hydration Complex to see if it can help my dry skin.

  37. SueSueper says:

    I like Hand Chemistry –> HEEL HYDRATION COMPLEX

    and I like Hand Chemistry –> EXTREME HYDRATION CONCENTRATE

  38. Renee Lacasse says:

    Grow gorgeous

  39. aclily19 says:

    Would love to try the HIF

  40. Lia says:

    End Split Ends
    Leave-in Serum

    sounds awesome

  41. I’ve really wanted to try Grow Gorgeous from them!

  42. Susan J. says:

    Hand chemistry and Grow Gorgeous

  43. ksceviour says:

    I`m an email subscriber and I like the HIF Cleansing Conditioners

  44. erin mcsweeney says:


  45. George says:

    My favorite product is Heel Hydration Complex by Hand Chemistry.

  46. nicole a says:

    I would love to try the hand chemistry products, specifically this one:

  47. saraontario says:

    The Fountain supplements is an interesting concept.

  48. My favorite product is Heel Hydration Complex by Hand Chemistry!! Thank you! Happy Holidays!

  49. Vesper says:

    Like to try Hand Chemistry – EXTREME HYDRATION CONCENTRATE

  50. ann says:

    I would like to try the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum. In the last few years, I find my hair getting thinner and so hopefully this would help!

  51. ann says:

    Whoops, forgot to include the link in the last post.

  52. Maryanne says:

    I always have dry hands so I would love this

  53. DebP says:

    Here’s a skin care product I would like to try.

  54. mousecat says:

    Check this one out! Looks great!

  55. Lucille says: seems like the perfect product for me since I have a skin picking disorder that always leaves my skin super cracked.

  56. Wanda Bergman says:

    I am a subscriber. One of my favourite products is the Extreme Hydration Concentrate.

  57. Cahley Tod-Tims says:

    I would like to try this product from GrowGorgeous

  58. Susan T. says:

    My skin has been super sensitive and red lately so I would love to try the Booster Sensitive Fix.

  59. janicour says: I have thin hair, so I would love to try this product!!

  60. Rita Duff says:

    I would love to try this!

  61. S. Hirano says:

    My hair keeps getting thinner so I would love to try Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum.

  62. I would really like to try the HIF product line. I think it would be great for my hair. My scalp suffers so much because of the harsh chemicals in shampoos and conditioners.

  63. I have liked them on facebook – Crystal Marie Porter

  64. I have liked them on instagram as @crysslovesstuff

  65. Subscribed and I like the Intense Youth Complex hand cream

  66. Following on Instagram @10deciem

  67. Amy Moylan says:

    Would definitely be interested in HIF volume support!

  68. Maryna says:

    I like to try Grow Gorgeous!!!!

  69. Michelle says:

    I’d like to try HIF volume support:

  70. Jaclyn Mercer says:

    I would love to try the HIF product!

  71. These tired old hands need to try Hand Chemistry

  72. Debbie White Beattie says:

    HIF, Hylamind and HAND Chemistry intrigue me the most and I’d love to try them

  73. Debbie White Beattie says: (My first product I would love to try is HIF Volume support)

  74. Debbie White Beattie says: (My first product I would love to try is HIF Blonde Hue support) I wonder if they can be combined ?

  75. Debbie White Beattie says: ( My second product I’d like to try is HAND Chemistry Intense Youth Complex)

  76. Debbie White Beattie says: (My third product I’d love to try is Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Technologies)

  77. Gloria Tretiak says I like the grow gorgeous Nov.23 at 11:10pm

  78. Debbie White Beattie says: (comment on Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company page)

  79. Debbie White Beattie says: (my fourth product is Glow Oil) perfect for a tan!

  80. kristen visser says:

    totally would love to try the SubQ Eyes !

  81. Holly says: I would like to find a good hand lotion for my boyfriend!

  82. aarone mawdsley says:

    i wold love to win any of it

  83. Sharon Klingbell says:

    I would love to win the ‘grow gorgeous’ products

  84. Leslie McK says:

    Grow Gorgeous

  85. K L McLean says:

    I would love to try Hylamide Subq Anti-Age…I am closing in on 50 and need all the help I can get!

  86. Debbie White Beattie says: (DECIEM Product The Beauty Molecule Extra Strength)

  87. katydidit21 says:

    I would love to try the Niod Neck Elasticity Catalyst.

  88. Sarah says:

    I love the Grow Gorgeous products! I have long, thick hair and like to treat it right! Thanks for introducing me to this amazing and innovative developer!

  89. Kayla Gilbert says:

    I would love to try the Hand Chemistry!!

  90. Janet P. says:

    I would love to try the Hylamide Finisher Photography Foundation

  91. I would love to try the grow gorgeous, sounds interesting

  92. dawn walsh says:

    Hair Density Serum this looks interesting

  93. I would really like to try Hylamide Subq for the eyes. I have dark circles and would love to see a response.

  94. Sunshine G says:

    My hands are always chapped…I’d like to try

  95. I would like to try grow gorgeous, need to thicken my hair

  96. julia g says:

    Since I have decided to embrace the grey this would be my choice:

  97. BlessedTA says:

    Hair Density Serum

  98. karen petrychko says:

    Anything for my hair would be welcome

  99. Tennille Fraser says:

    I would love to see which of the HIF line would help with my dry hair!

  100. Jennifer Kelsie says:
    Never heard of HIF, what a cool product!

  101. Lori says:

    Lori Pappas shared Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company’s photo.
    Just now ·
    Excited to try this line!

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