Shopping For Gifts In Canada

There are gift stores. There are Christmas gift guides. There are gift buyers. There are corporate gift suppliers. The interesting thing is, more often than not, these items are all relatively centralized services. The worst is magazines that are published nationally, but do the majority of their sourcing where they’re based – Toronto, Vancouver, the usual suspects.

My aim with this blog is to find gifts for everyone on your list for all occasions that are available easily – whether online at a reasonable shipping rate, or at a wide number of stores across the country. Ideally a lot of these gifts will be produced by or at least sold through Canadian companies. In a perfect world I’d have tested the gifts myself, but that’s pretty damn unlikely from a financial standpoint, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt!

Here’s an idea of who you can find gifts for:
– Friend
– Parent
– Spouse
– New Parent
– Child
– Baby
– Grandparent
– Boss
– Coworker
– Newlyweds
– Grads
– Clients

Here’s an idea of the million and one occasions there are to buy a gift (and why Christmas gift guides are futile)
– Birthdays
– Baby showers
– Wedding showers
– Weddings
– Farewell / retirement parties
– Anniversaries
– Valentine’s Day
– Mother’s Day
– Father’s Day
– Congratulations
– Get Well Soon
– Gratitude
– Housewarming
– Host / Hostess
– Rewards
– Surprises!
– Holidays…yes, including Christmas

Finally, here’s an idea of the types of gifts I’ll be scouring for…
– Eco-friendly
– Gardening
– Kitchen
– Automotive
– Golf
– Gadgets
– Books
– Shopaholics
– Foodies
– Music
– Art
– Photographers
– Wine Lovers
– Kids & Babies
– Students
– Outdoorsy
– Home Decor
– Coffee & Tea Connoisseurs
– Accessory Mavens
– Beauty
– Body
– Fitness
– Techie
– Travelers

Oh I could go on! My aim is to post several times a week with my latest and greatest finds. If you’re looking for ideas for a specific niche interest, feel free to drop me a line 🙂



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