Sing Me A Song

Merge nature and technology in one fell swoop with today’s ultra cool toy gift idea – DigiBirds.

Chasing Rainbows

adidas and Pharrell have teamed up to rework the brand’s signature Superstar shoe in 50 different shades – from lemon yellow to dusky blue.


Just in time for summer – a new, super smooth foundation from Clarins with SPF 15 built right in. Read my review and learn how you can have a flawless complexion in all those wedding snaps this season!

Toy Oh Toy

CONTEST ALERT! I’m not playing around – I’m highlighting the awesomeness of Discovery Toys’ and their unique direct sale structure. Plus I’m giving away $169 in fun toys from this brainy brand.

Razor’s Edge

Fly faster than ever with this awesome kids’ go-cart that performs just as impressively as a full-sized model.

Let’s Get Purse-nal

CONTEST ALERT! Check out some awesome buys to keep your purse in order while you’re out and about, plus enter to win a Tangle Teezer portable brush to manage those locks once and for all.

Face Off

Show people how you’re really feeling by throwing on an emoji mask – inspired by your favourite texting emojis!

Sparks Are Flying

Get fire at your fingertips with this masterful gadget – perfect for all the outdoorsy types on your list.

Curiouser and Curiouser

A perfect gift for foodies and history buffs alike, this trivia-packed tome covers the unique, bizarre and downright disgusting history of what we love to eat.

Trend Watch: Bucket List

The bucket bag has made a triumphant comeback over the past year. Check out seven on-trend variations of this once again fresh fashion statement.

Garden Variety

Heirloom seeds make for fanciful, imaginative meals, as illustrated with today’s beautiful, garden-fresh gift idea.

Hop Hop Hooray

CONTEST ALERT! Celebrate the Easter Bunny’s arrival with today’s festive finds. Plus you could win a $65 prize package full of kid-friendly Easter goodies.

In A Stew

What’s that you spy lurking in the deep, dark depths of your soup or stew? Why it’s a Loch Ness Monster ladle – also today’s fun gift pick.

Wrap Star

CONTEST ALERT! Learn about five innovative gift wrapping collections – plus, discover the ultimate gift wrapping solution that allows you to throw away your tape and scissors and have a perfectly wrapped gift each and every time!

Cuff It Out

Shine on with these pretty stackable cuffs from Canadian shop La Senorita Jolie. Wear ’em alone or stack ’em high for an eye-catching, uplifting look.