Starlight, Sunbright

The sky’s the limit with today’s gift suggestion: Solar Jars are traditional mason jars converted into super practical usage – they actually allow you to capture sunlight and decorate the deck with softly glowing sun or moon-inspired LED lights at night.


Can’t Pass It Up

Today’s spotlight is on Bob’s Your Uncle, a clever, quick-witted virtual gift shop with plenty of products for everyone in your life.

Takes The Cake

Got a cupcake queen in your life? Dial it up with these adorable cupcake kits that’ll take your mini muffins into majestic new territory.

Stick With It

Looking for a quick and crisp gift fix? Head to your local Loblaws and pick up this spring-inspired set of mini-diffusers for under $10 and you’re set.

Transform The Table

Heading to a fancy potluck for Easter Sunday? Considering a homemade brunch for Mother’s Day? Why not make a dish from the very recipe you’re planning to hand over as a hostess / Mom’s Day gift? Everyday to Entertaining is a fantastic cookbook that makes it easy to do just that, no matter what your skill level in the kitchen.

Wedding Wrap

Are you buying your bridesmaids their dresses, but don’t want to break into a bank to get something effortlessly stylish yet suitable for your loveliest ladies? Yeah, that’s a mouthful, but for this momentous day, I’m about to make your lives a whole lot easier, with twobirds bridesmaid, a Canadian dress shop that specializes in completely customizable, you-CAN-wear-it-again gowns.

Bunny Hop

Easter is just days away, and if you’re looking for a special treat for the little ones in your life, consider picking up a festive egg hunting kit with tons of yummy treats…that won’t break the bank.


Silly name, cool concept. Buckyballs are the latest desk gadget / time wasting craze that allow you to play with 216 magnetized balls to your hearts content.

Sweet Retweet

Looking for a not-so-humble abode for your fine feathered friends? Look no further than Tweet Tweet Home, makers of eco-friendly, ultra chic birdhouses.

Save The Date!

Who best to commemorate the forthcoming Royal wedding than the Royal Canadian Mint? Check out their Wills & Kate-themed paraphernalia and get a stunning souvenir of your own.

Nesting Instinct

Something wicked this way comes – these custom-made Matryoshka necklaces from Etsy designer Ada Rosman have a special surprise for the mom in your life, much like the nesting dolls they’re inspired by! Click on to find out more.

Idle Hands

Give me a high five! Today’s gift is totally affordable and rockingly chic, and makes doing household work that much more tolerable. Gloveables are your answer for kitschy cute houseware gifts!