Fond Farewell

Graduation day is nigh for many, but that doesn’t mean you should give up the book learnin! Presenting a little more than five top picks to gift your future (or fellow) graduate with for some good holiday reading.

Say Cheese

Today’s picks are around the food of the gods: cheese! Of course, cheese gifts need not be cheesy – presenting five picks designed to make every amateur cheese nibbler a bona fide expert.

Flash Post: The Birds & The Bees

I’ve gone down under to bring up this great gift idea: cheerful prints, quality fabrics, and smart-thinking-design pack a 1-2-3 combo of awesome gift-giving in the form of these super cute cosmetics organizers and travel bags from Aussie company Apple & Bee.

Pencil Me In

What’s in YOUR pencil case, if I may ask? Hopefully after reading this post it’ll be one of these five collectible pencil sets – perfect for end-of-year school thank-yous or ‘you got into college!’ celebrations.

Flash Post: Cozy Cats

Want to spoil a furry friend? Look no further than these eye candy that’ll keep your decor looking polished and your pets comfy cozy.

Flash Post: Brain Drain

Do your best moments of inspiration come when you’re soaking up some water? Never miss a brainwave again with this waterproof notepad!

Father’s Day Fridays

Father’s Day is but a month away! That probably means it’s time to dig into some groovy guy-friendly ideas, including the five highlighted on today’s Father’s Day Friday post.

Flash Post: Book A Trip

No matter how frugal you might be, traveling is a luxury for most of us – so why not indulge a little with a memorable experience or two? Taschen’s twelve-volume travel book set gives you a taste of the high life in Berlin, London, New York, and Paris.

Forever & FOR EVER

CONTEST ALERT: Wedding season is upon us, and so are timeless photos. Put a smile on your bridesmaids’ faces by skipping another piece of jewelry and opting for luxe make-up products from MAKE UP FOR EVER that’ll not only make ’em look dazzling on the big day, but for many moons afterward.

Flash Post: Cocktail Chemistry

They say the art of pouring the perfect drink is really more of a science – something today’s gift pick takes to heart. This 60s scientist-inspired cocktail set has all the foundation tools you’ll need to handle any sophisticate’s drink order – whether shaken or stirred.

Pink Ladies

Think pink with today’s post, featuring five items doused in a rich, girly shade of blush, rose, fuchsia…you name it.

Flash Post: Keep Your Temper

If you’re planning to get sippy this summer, make sure your prized bottle of pinot is at that pitch perfect temperature with today’s gift pick: a battery-free wine bottle cuff.

Flash Post: Slap Happy

Watch yo’self with these cheap & cheerful slap bracelets that are both throwback to the not-too-distant past (the 90s) and futuristic fashion accessory, thanks to the mix & match combos of bracelets and faces with eye-popping colours, patterns, and finishes.

Foodie Fridays: Easy Eating

CONTEST ALERT! Have a friend aiming to get lean & limber for swimsuit season? Hook them up with one of these two healthy eating cookbooks – without sacrificing oodles of flavour and endless options. Bonus – I’m giving everyone a freebie recipe preview + a copy of one of today’s featured books!

Flash Post: Wild Things

If the little ones in your life are already beachy keen, hook them up with a pair of these Japanese-inspired ‘geta’ sandals with fun cutouts that let them put their animal stamp on the world.