Foodie Fridays: Chef Del’s Better Than Vegan

CONTEST ALERT! Cook up something special and healthy with Chef Del’s collection of low-fat, plant-based recipes designed to tantalize your taste buds without expanding your waistline. Plus you could win a copy!

Mean Mavens

Mean Girls unite! To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the films launch, jewelry brand Stella & Bow has released a limited edition line-up of pieces inspired by everyone’s favourite trio of high school queen bees.

Take A Bite Out Of Life

Looking for a quirky way to keep your feet warm (but not necessarily safe) this winter? Try these zombie slippers on for size.

Book Report: The Lemon Grove

CONTEST ALERT! Looking for a steamy escape from the snowy outdoors? Helen Walsh’s The Lemon Grove delivers an exotic locale and a scintillating tale of passion. Plus I’ve got five signed copies to give away!

Bad to the Bone

I’m not playing – these limited edition (unofficial) Breaking Bad LEGO minifigs are hella awesome.

Foodie Fridays: Happy Herbivore Light & Lean

CONTEST ALERT! Time to read up on Lindsay S. Nixon’s latest lip-smacking but never fat-packing cookbook: Happy Herbivore Light & Lean. I’ve got a freebie sample recipe for you to try + a chance to win a copy of this awesome book!

Movie Magic

Calling all Harry Potter fans! This richly detailed pop up book promises something for fans at any age.

Arrow Dynamic

If you like your jewelry to have that lived in feel, look no further than Peppina – a unique jewelry brand with a fun, artifact-style spin.

Book Report: The Museum of Extraordinary Things

CONTEST ALERT! If you’re already an Alice Hoffman you’ll likely be psyched to know her next novel (after the beloved The Dovekeepers) hits the shelves today. Learn what it’s all about and how you can win a copy.

In The Trenches

Five beautiful ways to update your spring wardrobe – my latest Current Covets installment looks at sleek trenches for the upcoming season.

What The World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re looking for a way to say ‘I love you’ to someone in your life, take my advice: the best way to do so it to simply say it, possibly in words. Here’s a gift idea to get you going.

Book Report: The Longest Date

CONTEST ALERT! Looking for a book instead of a man to curl up with this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re hitched, single or en route to the altar, Sex and the City writer Cindy Chupack offers some sharp insight on what life as a wife really is all about in her new book, The Longest Date. Plus I’ve got one copy to give away!

You’re Cherry Welcome

Calling all Valentine’s vamps – L’Occitane’s new Cerisier Rouge is the perfect scent to spritz on when celebrating this Valentine’s Day.

A Real Gem

CONTEST ALERT! One of the quickest and snappiest ways to update your wardrobe is through accessorizing. Luckily Shop For Jayu, an inspired Canadian jewellery brand, is here to help you get the job done!

10 for $10: Gold Medal Edition

Another month of 10 fab gift ideas for $10 or less – this time with an Olympics-inspired twist.