Just For The Record

WrecordsByMonkey is a Brooklyn-based outfitter that has an eco-friendly mandate to take vinyl records at the end of their life cycle and transform them into all manner of stylish accessories.


When you give one of the Listography books, you’ll never see those boring lists – grocery, bills, to-dos – quite the same. Part journal, part scrapbook, these affordable gifts are a fantastic way to bring a little bit of reflection into your loved one’s lives.

Change Of A Dress

Shopping fingers at the ready people – if you’ve never heard of online retro-kitschy-chic retailer ModCloth, prepare to be dazzled.

Hi Def

Longing for a loved one? Ship them Logitech’s super snazzy HD Webcam so they can record greetings and carry on video calls in true high definition!

Say That You Love Me

It’s the first of the (dreaded?) Valentine’s posts, but don’t worry, we’ll get a little sentimental, but never sappy. First up? A few books that represent love in its truest, most honest form – compilations of love letters from yesteryear and today.

Confessions of a Chocoholic

Dark chocolate is good for the heart, and so is red wine. The geniuses at Brix Chocolate wondered, why not combine the two and have developed three chocolate products specifically formulated to complement your favourite wines. Consider it a winning choice for a hostess gift!

Wherever Your Travels May Take You…

Know someone bit by the travel book? Help them get well-prepared before, during, and after their trip with a Moleskine City Book – customized to dozens of major and minor cities around the world with basic maps and info, it’s really the guidebook you write yourself.

Spellbinding Entertainment

Do you need some Potterwatch in your life? Consider snapping up one of the new Ultimate Editions of the first four Harry Potter films for the true Potterhead in your life.


I’m having a love affair with paper products & office goodies this week. Next on the docket? Pierre Belvédère’s fantasmic line of journals, agendas, and other desktop essentials. Excuse the incoherence of this post, I’m simply in lurve!

Scotch Watch

Scotch Canada is stepping up the style factor with their fashionista-friendly tape dispensers, perfect for desk duty at home or at the office.

Find Of The Month: Seracon Herb Kits

This month’s find promises to be a bright patch of gift-giving ideas during the drab winter months. Seracon has incredibly affordable and eco chic organic planters for all occasions, price ranges, and tastes.

Total Groupie

Love deals? Love buying amazing gifts? Combine the best of worlds with team buying websites to capitalize on blowout savings at a massive range of local businesses.

Go Go Gadget Glove

Baby it’s cold outside, so break out Eddie Bauer’s down-filled scraper mitt to banish frostbite and ever-so-slightly lessen the pain of scraping those wintery car windows.

Vamp Tramp

It’s a new year! Unless you’re a vampire I suppose. If you’re just a fan of vampires, consider checking out the super fun ‘Vampire Paper Dolls’ collection for a modern spin on a kitschy retro throwback.