Flash Post: Sweets For My Sweet

Gift your sweetheart with a super sweet, and kinda gorgeous, treat this Valentine’s Day with limited edition, small-run artisan chocolate bars from Chocolate Editions.

Work It Out

Okay. We’re one month in. How many of your friends and familia that pledged to work out for New Year’s have abandoned all plans to that effect? Never fear – the Canadian Gift Guide is here with a few fitness DVD ideas that’ll keep your loved ones off the couch and thanking you later. You know, after their muscles have stopped aching.

Flash Post: Mirror, Mirror

Get flashy with today’s flash post idea: compact mirrors for your purse that light up the night and allow your giftees to stay glam on the go.

Flash Post: I Heart You

Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away…get started on gift shopping with Fruits & Passion new, limited-edition heart-shaped soap.

Foodie Fridays: Everyday Happy Herbivore

CONTEST ALERT: Whazzat? It’s time for yet another Foodie Friday, this time featuring Lindsay S. Nixon’s divine new vegan cookbook: Everyday Happy Herbivore (and, yes, I’ve got an extra copy to give away!)

Help! I Need A…Valentine’s Gift (Guys 2012 Edition)

We meet again, Valentine’s Day. This time, I’ve got four gift ideas for guys, based on relationship levels and well, general coolness. Enjoy!

The Royal Treatment

CONTEST ALERT – Today’s gift guide is on five picks fit for a queen. A little inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge, but fun choices in general for any girl that loves to be treated like the princess she is.

Wonderful Warhol

Today I’m picking items inspired by Andy Warhol – a guy who has far outlived his purported fifteen minutes of fame to give us tons of great goodies for gift-giving today!

Year Of The Dragon

Happy New Year…take two. Today we’re ringing in Chinese New Year, also known as the ‘year of the dragon’, with five Far East-inspired picks that’ll bring your gift-giving to new levels of awesome.

Flash Post: Prairie Home Companion

Flash Post: Show your prairie pride with this set of chic and sleek designer nesting tables.

Flash Post: Gold Standard

Give your King of Hearts a gift fit for a Queen. These faux-gold-plated playing cards will add some flash to even the most humble of card games.

All In Your Head

Take care of your hair this winter with yet another series of mid-winter pick-me-up ideas. Today we’re reaching for the top with argan oil-infused ideas to keep your mane manageable – at least until that hot, sticky humidity comes along.

Help! I Need A…Valentine’s Gift (Gals 2012 Edition)

Gentlemen, start your engines: Valentine’s Day is a month away, so let me help you out with some basic gift-giving rules…and ideas to go with.

The World According To…

If you know someone who’s New Year Resolution involves keeping track of their day-to-day, make it a little easy, or dare I say…FUN…to do it with these five great journal gift ideas.

Tangerine Tango

The title of this post denotes the Pantone Institute’s ‘Colour Of The Year’. Want to get a jump start on the trend? Inside are five gift ideas to bring a splash of this sunny orange shade into just about anyone’s life.