Flash Post: Flex Your Reflexes

Get an extra bit of R&R in this weekend with a set of reflexology gloves & socks to give any would-be therapist a road map to taking care of your body.

Flash Post: Make An Impression

Looking for a fresh new DIY project with an old-school feel? Look no further than this funky stamp kit that contains all the goods to make your mark on the world.

Sweet Dreams

CONTEST ALERT! One of the year’s sweetest holidays is upon us, so I plucked five sugary gift ideas from the ether for your perusal. Plus, you could win a box of gourmet caramels to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Flash Post: Family Portrait

Today’s gift idea is a fun & chic spin on the classic ‘picture wall’ of yesteryear – makes an awesome housewarming present for a stylish friend!

Book Report: Choose Change

CONTEST ALERT! In celebration of the latest title from brotherly writing duo Chip & Dan Heath, I’m pleased to introduce you to their wonderful mash-up of advice, self-improvement, and business acumen + you could win 1 of 2 collections of the Heaths’ entire library!

Flash Post: Spring Forward

Put your best fashion foot forward with a pair of seasonally apropos shoes from UK brand Liberty, available exclusively at The Bay.

All It Takes Is One…

CONTEST ALERT! Looking to simplify and beautify at the same time? Today’s Canadian brand pick manages to do just that. Plus you could win one of their all-in-one products to test for yourself!

Flash Post: For My Peeps

Easter is just around the corner – get in the festive spirit with this super fun activity book featuring everyone’s favourite non-chocolate Easter treat!

Flash Post: Flower Pots

Spring is in the air (I hope!) yet I’m thoroughly enamoured by this of-the-ground gift idea: a spectacular tube vase at a very reasonable price. Perfect for a range of gift-giving occasions!

Spring Gleening

CONTEST ALERT! We’re talking home organization today in the spirit of ‘spring cleaning’ season. Plus you could win a revolutionary wardrobe saver – Gleener!

Flash Post: Fortune Colour

Colour & fortune cookies…two of my great loves combined into one fun little package. Check out today’s cute gift idea!

Book Report: The Carpenter

CONTEST ALERT! I’ve got a long overdue book report on deck today for you – Matt Lennox’s debut novel The Carpenter is making a second wave of buzz after being released in paperback and I’ve got a copy to give away. Find out of this book belongs on your to-read pile!

Flash Post: The Good Life

Get a taste of the good life with this spectacular photography book from renowned photographer Slim Aarons. Of course, all things swank come with a price…

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

It’s time for another instalment of ‘My Favourite Things’ series! Today I’m tackling the slightly more challenging theme of the post & parcels…did I succeed? You tell me!

Flash Post: Moon-O-Clock

Look up (way up!) for today’s gift inspiration – an incandescent clock that channels the night sky, no matter what clouds are gathering overhead.