Wood You Rather…

Bring your high-tech gadgets down to earth with Kvart’s stunning, honest-to-gosh wooden iPhone, iPad, and Macbook skins. With tons of homey luxurious looks to choose from, these stylish skins are a completely reasonable way to upgrade your best friend’s favourite Apple product.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

It’s ba-ck. With Rubiks Cube 30th anniversary just past, you can commemorate the occasion with a fancy wooden collectors edition of the classic 80s brain buster. I hear the 40th anniversary edition is going to be made of titanium…

Water Warrior

Scrub up and smile with Lush’s new Eco Chic gift package, the Little Green Bag. Wrapped in an organic, reusable scarf and chockful of au naturel products, it’s a perfect little pick-me-up present as we head into the hot summer months.

The Skinny

Squeezing into those shorts and not loving what you see? Have a friend on a new fitness regime? Consider this a two-for-one gift idea: Allison Fishman’s “You Can Trust a Skinny Cook”. Buy it for yourself, try it for yourself, love it for yourself, recommend it for everyone you know. I know I am!


Dyson, endless innovators that they are, have come up with a gloriously modern approach to the household fan – a product I never realized could be reborn in such a sleek, modern package.

The Great Beyond

Is your loved one leaving on a jet plane sometime after their high school or college graduation? Make their journey that much prettier, easier, and special with a set of Canadian-brand Heys luggage.

No More Homework, No More Books

The end of school is just a breath away…get your kids to mind their manners and give a gift of thanks with this lovely set of days-of-the-week notebooks from Potiron.ca.

Photo Finish

Get sentimental with Polaposts – mailable Polaroid-inspired frames that are the next-better-thing to postcards, and also provide an interesting opportunity for wedding gift thank-yous! Now we just need Canada Post to stop striking so you can ship them out!

Father’s Day Books

Five last-minute books for Father’s Day can be found within this post. I’m serious this time – if you haven’t heeded my last dozen posts about dad’s day this weekend, then zip out to the bookstore and snag any one or bunch of these lovely reads.

No Trouble With Stubble

Shaving gifts are a classic element of Father’s Day shopping ideas…but if your dad prefers a field of fuzz on his face, skip the lotions and brushes and go for Conair’s skin-savvy iStubble, a customizable hair trimmer that allows your main man to find the perfect level of stubble to enhance those movie star looks.

Diaper Duty For Dads

This one is for the guys, specifically, the new dads out there. Whether you’ve got a bun in the oven or freshly taken out, consider Petunia Picklebottom’s stylish line of ‘Scout’ diaper bags, designed to give dad’s all the functionality of their supermom counterparts, with a masculine style they won’t be ashamed to strut around town with.

Special Spectrum

Are you the light of your husband or father’s life? Prove it with the Philips LivingColors LED Lamp. This futuristic-looking space orb lamp actually allows you to select from 16 million – yep, count em – colours of the ROYGBIV spectrum.

Sun Sound

Got a dad or grad that loves music more than anything? Check out Canadian company Eton’s amazingly stylish solar-powered iPod system. Charge your phone or MP3 player and blast tunes for hours on end when you harness the power of the sun!

Find Of The Month: Seven, Meet Pen

Eco-friendly, smart design meets total practicality – the Seven Year Pen from Seltzer has a mega-sized inkwell, bold, modern colours, and a wallet-friendly price tag for the next time you need a quick pick-me-up gift.

Quick Picks: Best In Class – The Top 5 ‘School’ Books

Got a graduating guy or gal in your lives? Don’t let their brains go to mush this summer – gift them with one of these fantastic tales of life as a student – whether it’s saying farewell to high school or trekking through college, here are five great ideas for a book-themed grad gift.