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What the heck is this thing?
Simply put, the Canadian Gift Guide is a blog with gift giving ideas for Canadians. What does that mean? Anything I feature has to be readily available to Canadians. So whether I’m highlighting gifts you can buy in Canada, Canadian retailers with great gift ideas, or Canadian businesses with Canadian-made products, you are pretty much guaranteed this blog is written for Canadians, by a Canadian.

Who writes it?
My name is Brittany, and as of right now, I write 100% of the content here on the Canadian Gift Guide. If you’d like to learn a little bit about me, you’re free to check out this post.

How long has the Canadian Gift Guide been around for?
Since June 2010. It came from noticing that there wasn’t really anyone highlighting all of the cool products and retailers available to Canadians specifically. I was sick of visiting online stores and finding they only shipped to the USA, or that it cost $80 to ship a $10 item. I wanted to create a resource where you could easily find gift ideas for Canadians. Thus, my blog was born.

How do you choose what to write about?
Research, primarily. And I like to shop. I’d say about 90% of my ideas come from browsing stores (online and bricks & mortar), spotting something cool, and jotting down a note to follow up on it. I never write about a brand unless I want to, and no one is paying me to write this blog, but admittedly I gravitate to a few brands based on personal preference. I also tend to find more inspiration in shopping for girly as opposed guy gifts – I won’t lie, a large portion of what I feature on here is stuff I’d certainly like to open up!

What makes you an expert on gift-giving?
I don’t know that one can really earn gift-giving cred, beyond having many a satisfied friend and family member as the years have gone by. I’d like to think I have a good eye for picking out items that have a wide spread of appeal, and aren’t crazily expensive. I also try to feature retailers that are across Canada as much as possible, although I strongly recommend visiting your local gift shop for some really cool ideas that I can’t necessarily capture on here. My aim is simply to provide honest, thoughtful ideas to help you overcome the dread of finding that perfect gift.

How do you get all of these awesome prizes to give away?
For the longest time I was writing a lot of posts based on my own meandering thoughts and impressions of things. It occurred to me that it’d be more helpful and interesting to everyone involved if I started talking to the people I write about to get the inside story on their products. Along the way, I also thought it’d be nice to give back something to everyone that reads the Canadian Gift Guide. Thus, I started opening up opportunities to some of the brands I feature to also do a giveaway – but rest assured, one does not rely on the other. As I said above, I never ever write a product unless I want to. If there’s a giveaway involved, well, it’s just a bonus – my chance to give back – to you.

I have a really cool idea or product. How do I tell you about it?
For one, feel free to comment on any post with your own thoughts and ideas for gifts. If you want to track me down for a one-on-one conversation about a brand, feel free to shoot me an email at

The legal stuff: Since I can’t possibly own every single thing I review, often times I will borrow images from various sources throughout the web. If I’ve taken your image and you want to keep it all for yourself, let me know and I’ll happily remove it.


61 Responses to “Questions & Answers”
  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. I love your writing style, integrity and creativity. Great Q&A!

  3. Sylvie Rozon says:

    I absolutely love your blog. I truly enjoy that all the products can be bought in Canada. I’m presently looking for Moleskine Luggage Tag. Unfortunately, I can only find them from suppliers who do not ship in Canada. Can you help me source this out?

  4. Sylvie Rozon says:

    OMG This is exactly it. I’m so happy as it is for a close friend who’s retiring. I’m doing a travel theme gift set. Thank you very much.

  5. ASHLEY O says:


  6. Ashley Osmachenko says:

    Loving this Blod a Bunch! Keep up the amazing work Brittany!!!
    Also…THANKS a bunch for selecting myself as the ‘Lush Happy Feet’ Potential winner 🙂

  7. Ashley Osmachenko says:


  8. L. M. Leitch says:

    Love your ideas

  9. barbara hardie says:

    how do youleavea reply to win the christmas gift .i am new to computer and wouldlove to win thank you bye for now

    • CGG says:

      Hi Barbara. All you have to do is follow the instructions on each contest post – located at the bottom of the post, before the comments. Typically speaking most contests only require you to simply leave a comment, just like you’ve done here.

  10. lee says:

    i’m feeling stupid since i can’t figure out how can i subscribed.please help

    • CGG says:

      Hi lee! Look at the righthand sidebar and you’ll see an area called ‘The Gift Of Gab’. Insert your email and hit ‘Gift Me Please’ to sign up.

  11. Sande says:

    really glad I stumbled on your site. you write about a lot of products that interest me! Will be back regularly

  12. Sande says:

    am not sure how to link tweets to your site and notify you – as I see others doing. I’ve figured out tweeting and retweeting but not how to get them into the comment area. Can you help in the Q&A column please?

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’ve entered the Sanuk contest and according to the rules 4) Bonus Entry #1: Check the Canadian Gift Guide every single day for the rest of the month – you’ll find bonus entry opportunities galore. I have looked every day but not found any bonus entries, am I just not looking in the right place? I look on the home page and the contest page. Or are there no bonus entries as yet?

  14. Emilia says:

    Hi, Are you on bloglovin.? That is my favourite way to see my favourite blog posts

  15. Paula Harris says:

    I am new,excited to be part of your blog,i hope that when i try for the prizes i get everything right especially the websites,thatnks for this awsome site!

  16. Phoebe S. says:

    What an awesome idea!! One thing I’d love to see on here is the Flatter Me Belts – they’re Canadian and are special belts that are flat under T-shirts. I can see them being great for your travel category… or “favourite things”… I must have given 10 of them as gifts since I bought mine. I found mine on a BC Ferry, of all places, but have ordered online too.

    Great blog – such a welcome change when we’re used to flipping through magazines and wondering if anything is actually available in the Great White North 🙂

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I am inquiring as to where I can find the unique monthly visitors/ media kit for your blog?

  18. Donnas says:

    Leave a link back to your comment below (it can be done, Google it)

    I did google it and I still don’t have a clue how to do it from Facebook.
    Twitter is so easy to copy a link, Facebook I’m stymied, so I don’t even bother trying anymore.

    And BTW, I’ve tried to find the how to do it on Google and on Bing, with no luck at all.

    • CGG says:

      Hi Donna. Try this one:

      Please keep in mind that the rationale behind asking for direct links isn’t to stymie you from entering the giveaways. As you can imagine, managing the Canadian Gift Guide is a huge undertaking – I simply don’t have the time to visit each brand’s Facebook page and search for a comment by a specific user. My focus is to put out great content and coordinate amazing giveaways for my readers, and the more time I can save on administration tasks like collecting contest entries, the better the rest of the blog will be.

      • Melinda Anderson says:

        I’m ‘stymied’ as well. This place is a joke. I have absolutely NO idea how to enter any of your contests or ‘link back’ or whatever…this is insane and a total waste of time. I’ve spent an hour or more TRYING to enter the watch giveaway! I’m OUT.

  19. LFFL says:

    This was a great idea for your blog.

  20. jay n says:

    Thanks for supporting Canadian products. I find many Canadian gifts at my local artist’s hangout and at our cultural centre and theatre.

  21. Debbie White Beattie says:

    Here’s my weekly entry!

  22. Thank you so much for featuring our OSOhome cutting boards! We are proud to be Canadian made from locally sourced wood. Love your blog, what a great idea, we love to support Canadian businesses.

  23. Anie Maltais says:

    Hi Brittany, I just found your blog as I was searching the net. I think what you do is fantastic. I’d love it if you could have a look at my products and give me your feeling on it. I’m from Vaudreuil-Dorion in Montreal’s area and being passionate with jigsaw puzzles as a hobby I just created my own brand of great quality jigsaw puzzles for adults all designed and sold by me. And they are available to Canadians through my Web site. To be honnest I need all the support I can get since I have been working on this for the past year on my own doing everything because I really feel I have something great to offer. And so far most of my customers are from the USA. Just let me know if you want to find out more about what I do. I love to share my experience through all this. Hope to hear from you. The name is JaCaRou Puzzles if you want to find me on Google.

    • Hey Anie – feel free to email me (canadiangiftguide -at- gmail -dot- com) to talk about some options for promoting your shop 🙂

      • Anie Maltais says:

        Hi Brittany for some reason I had never seen your answer and just saw it today. I will certainly write you an email like you suggest. A lot has happened since last year and I am still working on promoting my products. i will be adding new ones shortly. thank you for your answer. Anie

  24. Tracy D says:

    Hi Brittany! I’ve always thought I was a newsletter subscriber, I’ve signed up several times, but I’ve never received any email notifications. Is there an issue with hotmail maybe? I clicked the “contact us” link on the subscribe option, but it just says my email not recognized. Would love to start receiving emails, gift ideas for Christmas! Thanks Brittany!

  25. K L McLean says:

    I entered a post/comment under your Deciem page, but It is not appearing. Is there a time delay before posts appear?

  26. Great products….. my problem- I can repost and see the Body Shop picture I reposted on my instragram and I can screenshot BUT cannot figure how to link my repost or screenshot back to my comment-was looking for the camera icon Please help, have never won from this site that I just recently found and I am not very computer savey but would love to get more bonus points Thanks

  27. kayla93kayla says:

    Hi! I love your blog posts, however, every time I try to subscribe to your newsletter, it doesn’t seem to work.

    Could you maybe manually add me?

  28. sidestreetstudio says:

    Great blog posts Brittany! Really good to see Canadian products being talked about.

    Kind regards
    Side Street Studio

  29. Getting married in November and I love Canadian products.

    • sidestreetstudio says:

      Hi Doreen

      Thanks for your email. Like your blog and supporting Canadian made gifts & artists have always been our focus for 32 years!

      320 local BC artists and thousands of hand crafted products all made in BC. Hope that you have a moment to check our web site out

      Kind regards


      Side Street Studio


  30. Alisa Petrisch says:

    I just found this website by chance and I love it! Very interesting and great products.
    Now if I can just figure out how to link and enter your wonderful contests then I’m a happy girl.

  31. penny says:

    i would love to win a candle i heard so much about them

  32. I love your strapless bra’s which would be very nice with some dresses I have and look very shapley. I just have seen your site. through a contest search.

  33. Chanel O says:

    Hi! I recently won a contest (and am totally excited and grateful!!!) but I plan to continue my subscription; am I still eligible to win future contests? Thanks!

  34. Melinda Anderson says:

    I wanted to enter the wooden watch contest, but am unsure how. The directions aren’t very clear…please help if you can. thanks.

    • Hi Melinda – can you clarify what you’re struggling with? The instructions are pretty straightforward: Subscribe to my blog and leave a comment on the post, linking to your favourite watch on the Tense website.

  35. Courtney G says:

    Heya Brittany! For some reason my comments aren’t showing up anymore. I’m not sure what’s going wrong. I’ve commented on some blogs and as bonus entries for some giveaways, but none have showed up in the comments section. Any ideas??

    Thank you!

    • Hey Courtney!

      I’ve just reapproved you for adding comments to the site – sometimes if you haven’t commented for awhile it needs to be vetted by me. No worries, all your comments should show up now.

      – Brittany

  36. Alana LeSueur says:

    Brittany, I have a question to you, as I am a new comer to your blog and website. Am I supposed to enter my email address for every giveaway or once I am a subscriber to your website, I never have to do it again? I am somewhat confused as each of your giveaway, leads me to think that I have to keep reentering it on that giveaway post. Thanks.

  37. Alana LeSueur says:

    I have another question (Hey, I am 62, and not really fully a techno geek). How do I do a link from something I like, to the website…when you talk about bonus entries… I have just learnt how to tweet a simple statement, but linking up, I do not understand.

  38. donyadonya says:

    Hi Brittany !! May I ask for your help please. Where do I find ‘Gift of Gab’ box on the righthand side of this page and either hit ‘Follow’ or enter your email address. What app are you on when you are looking at that ? Thanks in advance !! N

  39. Lorna says:

    link to Fairy Tale Endings doesn’t work. Link goes to a previous contest/giveaway.

  40. Lucie says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for all those great gift ideas!
    Let say I have a suggestion for your website, like this one:
    Is there a way to get in touch with you?

  41. I’m subscribed to you with two e-mail addresses! I’ve been having wordpress issues. So I made a new account and now I get your e-mails twice over. I just wanted to let you know, not entering more than once. The name is the same on both. Hopefully that’s okay.

  42. Leigh Wood says:

    I was SO impressed with the Think & Learn Smart Cycle. My 2 year old granddaughter lives with Cystic Fibrosis. What a great thing this would be to let her have fun while being active and keep those little lungs of hers functioning properly. Would LOVE to win this for her.

  43. Betty S says:

    Missed you posts Glad to see the email come today

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