Genius In A Bottle

The Vapur anti-water bottle has so many good things going for it, this post is like the personal ad of your dreams. Gift it to the on-the-go friend or family member in your life so they can save the world, one sip at a time.

It’s My Party And I’ll Smile If I Want To

Instead of stressing out about the pressure to plan a perfect kid’s party (or watch a sibling or pal go through it), order a magical party in a box from ‘Dress Up & Play Parties’, including costumes, party favours, goodie bags, and more!

Must Buy Gifts

If you’ve got a true fanatic in your life – and someone that loves crossing stuff off a big, giant list – consider purchasing them a book from the “Must” series, and topping it off with a few themed items from whatever focus your chosen tome is on.

Pure Genius

Today’s lesson isn’t so much on a specific type of gift – but how to save a few bucks while getting them. HMV’s new Pure loyalty program and Swagbucks are two innovative new ways to earn great rewards with little effort.

Back To (Kitchen) Basics

The IKEA Chosigt grater may appear deceptively simple – but it’ll make the foodie-to-be (or hesitant homeowner) happier than you can imagine at an insanely cheap price.

Take A Stroll On Chatham-Kent

Monopoly is the consummate board game that belongs in everyone’s house. If you know someone that’s just moving in (or mysteriously doesn’t own a copy of the game yet), gift them with the new Monopoly: Canada Edition.

Good Sport

For the ultimate sports fan in your life, I present the aptly titled The Sports Book, complete with Astroturf cover.

Just Around The Riverbend

Go local and lather up the loveliest people in your life by sourcing out Canadian-made bath products. Tiber River is one such example, located in the heart of the country, they serve up a huge range of bath and home products for babies, men, and ladies.

Raclette? You Bet!

Apparently I have a thing for cheese. Raclette is the newest craze to hit the dinner party set – think of it as the 21st century answer to fondue. Guests craft their own concoctions which always turn out spectacularly – making this a perfect gift for the foodie in your life.

Green Ink

Break out the giftware – Ecojot’s Canadian-made line of recycled paper products is stylish, simple, and sweet.

Potterheads Unite!

Consider Harry Potter to be the most magical theme upon which to base your gift-giving. Crosscutting age and occasion, bequeath the Potterhead in your life with the well-reviewed and entertaining ‘Lego Harry Potter’ game on the video game system of their choice.

iThink, therefore iGive

Everyone and their dog (literally) wants an iPad these days. Coordinate with the purchaser of this primo gift to top it up with a sleek and stylish case, like Roots affordable and chic Isleeve.

The Sweetest Thing

A lesson and strategy when it comes to personalized, strategic gift giving. How four books I purchased last year completely hit the mark, and how you can do the same for your loved ones.

Find Of The Month: PC Ice Cream Shop

Forgo the gifts this month and stock up on treats for your friends, family, coworkers, and beyond. PC Ice Cream Shop presents the perfect cute gift for those countless summer soirees you’ll be attending, making this the find of the month.

Birds Of A Feather

Urban Barn is one of Canada’s most surprisingly affordable home accent shops that perfectly delivers that ready-made designer artisan chic look – including this stunning floral cut-out bowl that is a great accent for the uber-trendy friend or family member in your life.