Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is Canada’s answer to Netflix, allowing the mega movie buff in your life access to a catalogue of 72,000 titles throughout the year.


Fast Fry

You heard it here first – french fries CAN be healthy! How you ask? With T-Fal’s super nifty fryer that speedily cooks up batches of your favourite fried treats.

Back To School Bento Style

Back to school means back to packing lunches for the little ones. Combat overprocessed and overpackaged foods with the brilliant Bento Box lunchbox.

Peaceful Passport

Whether an advanced yogi or a beginner in bloom, the Passport to Prana card gives your gift recipient a world of yoga practice at an insanely affordable price.

Pixar Perfect

Pixar’s Pixarpedia (sans Toy Story 3) is a perfect gift for the Pixar officinado in your life. This glossy coffee table book is adult and kid friendly, and jam-packed with stunning artwork and interesting facts. Want to top it up? The ultimate Toy Story collection is on its way to Blu-Ray, as well as the beloved film Finding Nemo.

Jagged Little Pill

We are the overmedicated generation, yes. But for that go-to girlfriend in your group that always keeps a stash of essentials in her bag, give her a stylish & chic pillbox as a cute but practical throwback.

The Simple Life

The Keel’s Simple Journal makes keeping track of your daily doings easy as pie. With a stylish look, affordable price point, and sweet sentiment, they are a perfect gift for a host of situations.


Canada’s Clearwater offers fresh seafood delivered to your door, plus all the fixins to make it a meal to remember.

Get Rainbow Bright With The Marvy LePen

Marvy’s Le Pen collection gives you eighteen stunning, vibrant shades of smudge-proof writing delight. Perfect for those eager back to school beavers in your life.

Turn The Page

A tale of two publications today – Canada’s printed touchstone Maclean’s and America’s showbiz mag for fans Entertainment Weekly, and why both make for fantastic gift ideas.

Love That Lace

La Senza’s Ooh La Lace No Show Thongs are practical, pretty, and solve the potential sticky dilemma of asking your girlfriend what size she wears. Great little extras she’ll truly appreciate!

Thank Me Later

Riddle me this: what can you buy today, send away tomorrow, and not gift for ten years? Click on to find out.