What Frends Are For

What do you get when you combine jewelry with pristine sound quality? How about Frend’s line of swagger-riffic earphones?

Keep On Rollin’

My latest luxe feature is a stylin’ backgammon game. Because I’m a big nerd. Deal with it.

Refresh Your Face

CONTEST ALERT! Looking to refresh your beauty regime this fall season? Here I’ve picked out five great back-to-school sources for amazing skin, hair, makeup, and nail beauty ideas.

I’ve Got Your Number

Have luck on your side at all times when you don a special ring signifying that adored digit in your life.

In Your Face

If you’re glued to your SmartPhone or tablet, you’ll know how nice it would be to have it at your fingertips at all time. iOttie feels the same way!

Time To Play

If you’re looking to get creative with your home decor, look no further – this nifty-yet-affordable clock is just the ticket!

The Nicest Thing

The CGG will be closed for new content business for a little bit – for a very good reason! I’m off to get hitched this week and need a few extra moments in my day to get prepped for the big moment. That being said, I’m sharing a special gift with all my loyal readers, so read on to learn more 🙂

Extension Circumstances

Extension cords you say? Well, why not? Trust me, these beauties are worth a read-through.

Grammar Gurus Unite!

A perfect gift for the writer or grammar fanatic in your life – sassy plates with an educational purpose.

Golly Pocket

I love classic jewelry and I love today’s featured gift item – customizable wooden necklaces hand-carved to spec!

An Apple A Day

CONTEST ALERT! Get f-r-e-s-h-e-r for longer with Bluapple; an ingenious kitchen gadget that can extend the life of your produce for up to twice as long.

Top Of The Totem Pole

Stacked high or dished out, this funky totem pole cup set makes a perfect gift.

Year One Anniversary: Paper

CONTEST ALERT! With my nuptials on the way, I thought it was high time I started celebrating anniversary gifts starting with the traditional Year One choice of paper products. Plus you could win a sweet prize package from the lovely Besotted Brand!

Oh The Places You’ll Go

What’s playful and practical at the same time you ask? How about Trunki: a carry-on that doubles as a plaything for little ones.

Expand Your Space

Gift ideas need not always be flashy or pricy; case in point, today’s nifty kitchen gadget with a really universal, practical purpose.