Categorically Speaking

While I’m all for random exploration of my site, I sometimes wonder if everyone knows what the categories stand for on the left side of my blog. If you’re the type that wants to know before you click, or is looking for a specific type of gift, here’s an easy breakdown for you to begin your gift-giving hunt.

As a general rule, I don’t categorize by who a gift is for, or what occasion – other than in the tags – but instead, organize things by what the item is. And if a post’s cover image doesn’t look like what you’re expecting – click through, I promise there’s an idea in there that fits the category!

10 For $10 Every month I scour the web for 10 great gift ideas under $10. This is where you’ll find those posts.

All Green Thumbs – Gifts for gardeners, or people that simply appreciate plants and living things.

All That Glitters – Gems, jewelry, watches, etc. – any accessory-type thing that sparkles can be found here.

B(u)y The Book – Books of any sort are tucked into this category.

Beauty & The Best – The prettiest beauty (and hair) products and stores on the planet.

Body Break – Body care items – bath potions, body lotions and the like.

Colour Your World – On occasion I’ll dedicate an entire post to a specific shade. That’s where you’ll find these posts.

Compliments To The Chef – Things that’ll make any chef (novice or experienced) do a happy dance in their kitchen.

Current Covets – Ever wondered what’s on my wish list? Look no further for some personal faves.

Desk Duty – Gifts for your desk, your coworkers, or your office.

Dress You Up In My Love – Clothing! For ladies, gents and tots, from top to toe.

Eco Chic – Gifts or shops with a ‘green’ angle.

Find Of The Month – Every month one brand or item ascends the rest and receives top billing on my site. This is where you’ll find past finds.

Fit & Phat – Oh yes, I used the 90s term ‘phat’ to describe the fab fitness-related items tucked into this category.

Flash Post – Looking for gift-giving advice in under 90 seconds? Look no further than my ongoing series of ‘Flash Posts’.

Food For Thought – Quite literally, food. Munchables. Snacks. Treats.

For The Love Of The Game Calling all sports fans – gifts for you are contained in this category.

Gifts For Everyone – A random category, actually. But typically when I find a store or an item that I feel has mass appeal, it’ll go in here.

Going To The Chapel – Gifts specifically related to weddings. Whether gifts from guests, for guests, or for your bridal party.

Help! I Need Somebody – Ideas linked to occasions – if you’re in need of dire help to find a perfect gift for an event, look here.

Home Run – Presents to pretty up your home.

Human Beans – For all those coffee drinkers you adore, look no further for the best bean ideas.

Kiddie Corner – Gifts for the little ones on your list.

Music To Your Ears – Whether actual albums, music accessories and equipment, or inspired by musicians, all things song-inspired are here.

My Favourite Things – An ongoing series inspired by the classic ‘Sound of Music’ song.

One Of A Kind – When an item is truly custom made, it finds a home in this category.

Outdoors & More – Great ideas for the outdoorsy types.

Paper Mates – Presents made from paper. Journals, scrapbooks, stationery sets, etc. can all be found in this area.

Party Time Excellent – My nod to Wayne’s World, and also gift ideas tied into parties and hostess duties.

Precious Pets – Need I say more? Pressies for your favourite furball.

Purse-nal – Bag it up in this section – purses, wallets, satchels, bags, and things meant to be tucked into purses all fit here.

Quit Playing Games With My Gifts – Board games, card games, games, games, games.

Retailer Spotlight – Shining a light on a specific (typically independent) retailer.

Sensational Subscriptions – Services that allow you to subscribe + ways to create your own ‘Of The Month’ club ideas.

Shop Talk – Administrative jibber jabber. Announcements, closures, etc. Also the place I typically put in straight-up advice-giving posts.

Taking Care Of Business – Corporate gifts. A little different than Desk Duty in that these are typically broader in scope, and not just about stuff that quite literally sits on your desk.

Tech Tok – Gizmos, gadgets, electronics and the like.

That’s A Wrap – Ideas for greeting cards, gift wrap and bags, and similar accoutrements to package up your perfect present.

The Reel Deel – Items related to movies – whether films themselves, or inspired by a specific movie, TV show, or entertainment-industry event.

Toyland – Toys for adults and kids alike.

Traveller’s Check – Awesome ideas related to traveling – perfect as bon voyage gifts!

Two For Tea – If I’m going to do a coffee category, you better believe there’ll be one for my fellow tea drinkers in arms.

Vid-yah! Games – My final ‘games’ category, this one dedicated to all sorts of digital delights and systems.

Walk This Way – If you have a shoe-obsessed shopper on your gift list, here’s some fun footwear ideas.

Where Art Thou?  – Gifts that are either works of art, or inspired by them. Also, wall decor.

Wine Wins – Last but certainly not least, a bevy of ideas for those that love to imbibe.

7 Responses to “Categorically Speaking”
  1. pat galas says:

    i have never used any elizabeth grant products so i am not familiar with her products. i am interested in a new product line that will bring my aging skin to a new glow

  2. donyadonya says:

    I think you are beautiful !!!!

  3. nicolthepickle says:

    HA, your titles are so clever. I can see a lit of thought went into them. *hats off to you*

  4. cookie3 says:

    Regarding my 3 entries into The Blinded Me With Science contest. Sorry about that. I thought there was something wrong with my computer because the posts weren’t showing up. When I tried again an hour later there they were. Please just disregard 2 of the posted comments.

  5. Zoe Thomsen says:

    Please enter me on the Hen and Beat contest. I love the Sierra Stack bracelet!

  6. david broden says:

    I Would Like to try the green Pepper Tabasco sauce… Sounds Delicious !

  7. Ramona Roden says:

    Think and Learn Seek & Spell Penguin

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