I’ve got some farm fresh ideas that are ripe for the picking today – check out a bunch of rustic, whimsical ideas right over here.

Flash Post: Zippy Cup

How’s this for a flash of inspiration? Gift this fun, fillable glass vase designed to look like an overflowing plastic bag.

Bacon Bits

Today’s gift ideas are a blast of bacon-y goodness. This tender meat has permeated our collective subconscious & cravings, so why not play into it with this mix of gag, quirky, and yum-inducing gifts?

Flash Post: Competitive Edge

I’m cooking up a great gift idea today with the Baker’s Edge lasagna pan – designed to keep your layered creations in perfect shape and serve up something special for a crowd.

Flash Post: Canine Cups

Calling all puppy lovers – today’s gift pick is part-art, part-heart. These pretty, hand-painted ceramic mugs are a bold way to show pride for your pooch, and a nifty, ritzy gift idea for just about any dog person in your life.

Walk Of Fame

The Oscars are but a few days away! If you’ve been invited to a big ol’ Hollywood-style bash, consider one of these silver screen-related gift ideas for your host.

Flash Post: What’s Up Doc?

Flash back in time with today’s flash post: a glimpse at V1 of your favourite Looney Tunes shorts encapsulated in a seriously sufferin’ succotash gift set.

Struck Silver

CONTEST ALERT: A sparkling treasure of a post for you lot today: I’m heading down to New York’s East Village to introduce you to Alex Story and her tough / chic / stunning gems…plus I’m giving away a ring worth $150 to one lucky reader!

Flash Post: Yesterday’s News

Who says day-old newspapers are useless? Austin Kleon seems to have found a perfectly good use for them with his part-art, part-mocking take on the New York Times content.

Pretty Great

CONTEST ALERT – Meet Pretty Beauty & Books, a lovely little boutique located in Toronto that also happens to curate some of their clean, green, and altogether awesome products online. Plus, you could win a gift set straight from the shop!

Flash Post: Save It For A Rainy Day

Dream Money Bank

Everybody wants something that’ll take your money…(oh please tell me you get that reference my fellow Canadians)…so why not save up for it with these fun, fill-er-up photo frames?

Booked In

Today’s gifts are designed for readers – specifically great group gifts for members of your book club, although anyone with a passion for the library / bookstore will gush over these awesome ideas.

That Which We Call A Rose…

I’m having a love affair with rose gold right now, and you’re reaping the benefits – check out these beautiful picks infused with this shimmery shade of coppery pink.

Flash Post: Walk The Walk

I’m sitting here looking at this amazing gift and wondering where I might find the female version: a year-long subscription to high-end men’s retailer Mr. Porter. Any takers?

Hand It To You

Another week and another dose of mid-winter pick-me-up gift ideas. This time I’m lending a hand and giving you ideas to protect your hands and nails when winter is ready to rip ’em apart. Plus a BONUS offer where you can score some high-end body care products for 50% off. Check’r out.