Flash Post: Manly Musk

It’s not easy getting guys to come over to the ways of women – at least in terms of smelling ‘fresh’. Luckily ArcherMen might have a solution that’ll suit even the manliest of men.

Something Blue

CONTEST ALERT! For all those brides-to-be (and their maids), check out these five fun ‘Something Blue’ ideas + you could win one for yourself!

Flash Post: Stay Cool

What, pray tell, does a ‘cool plate’ do you ask? Read on to find out!

Flash Post: Chalk of the Town

I know it’s only July, but it’s never too early to think (at least a bit) about the scheduling of appointments and assignments come fall, right? Check out today’s gift idea for a savvy way to organize your life.

Flash Post: What’s The Scoop?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for these completely adorable little ice cream-inspired nail polishes from South Korean brand Etude.

Flash Post: Seed & Be Seen

Sport a little bohemian flair on your wrist with today’s gift idea: delicate ‘seed’ bracelets in pretty, standout shades.

In Bloom

CONTEST ALERT! Simplify your skincare routine and watch the magic happen: Canadian brand Elaboom delivers fresh, 100% pure products that your skin will love. See what I mean by potentially winning a $100+ prize package for yourself!

Flash Post: Wake Up & Smell The…Bacon?

The holy trinity of breakfast – that is, coffee, bacon, and maple – join forces in today’s unique and lip-smacking gift idea.

Cream Coloured

CONTEST ALERT! ‘My Favourite Things’ is back with a bang! Today I’m featuring five frothy gift ideas all playing on the colour and taste of ‘cream’. Plus you could win 1 of 3 Cream Coloured prize packs.

Flash Post: Sand & Deliver

Bummed out because you’re not a beach bum this summer? Today’s gift idea is an ingenious alternative to roasting in the sun while still getting that incredible ‘sand between your toes’ kind of feeling.

Flash Post: Animal Tracks

Looking for a truly unique (and feel-good) baby shower gift idea? Check out Sew Heart Felt – which produces aw-dorable handfelted slippers through a fair trade agreement with Nepal.

Flash Post: Brick & Choose

Calling all Tetris nerds! Relive your youth with one of these awesome interchangeable desktop lamps.

Flash Post: Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Sway the summer away in this classic and elegant (and ultra-comfy) cotton hammock. A timeless touch for any discerning decorator’s manicured garden.

Dream Sequence

Today’s gift ideas are all about outfitting your bedroom with decor & comfort items; all designed to craft that perfect sanctuary no matter your tastes or needs.

Flash Post: You Shouldn’t Have

Not skilled in the fine art of gift wrapping? Today’s gift packs a quirky yet decorative punch that may just save the day for you.