Cheese If You Please

I’ve been a little ambitious in my gift giving suggestions in terms of the wonderful opportunities that may await my readers. Perhaps you aren’t lucky enough to be traveling abroad and crashing as a houseguest, or making your way out to cottage country for the same reason. No, maybe all you’ve got to look forward to is a BBQ, potluck, or dinner party.

The good news is, my gift suggestion for today works whether you’re heading out of town (but not too far) or heading down the street – it’s a perfect hostess gift! Bothwell Cheese is pretty world-renowned. They’ve won a bajillion awards, have gourmet cheese boutiques in Manitoba, where they’re based, and are among the brands chefs in the know will seek out.

You might be thinking, great, but there’s no way I can get Bothwell Cheese in my corner of the country. Au contraire my friends. With a little careful planning, you can get Bothwell’s goods shipped right to your front door – just pay attention to their shipping schedule of orders placed from Thursday to Thursday will ship out on the following Tuesday, and be at your home by the weekend.

Now you might be thinking, a hunk of cheese? No thanks. But wait! I implore you! Bothwell actually produces beautifully boxed gift sets that are a sleek, suitable, and surprising way to thank someone in your life. For only $26 you can get a four-pack of cheese including red hot chilli, marble, smoked gouda, and dill Monterey jack.

For less than double that ($44) you can bump it up and get the eight-piece box which also includes garlic chive, horseradish, Madagascar peppercorn, and smoked mozza varieties. Throw in a box of gourmet crackers or two or a cute set of cheese knives and you’ve got a ready-made, ready to serve gift. If you want to get really fancy there are also the chi-chi gourmet sets that are suitable for that chef or caterer in your life, but really the four-pack is your best-sized affordable bet.

What’s great about bringing this to a dinner party or out to a lake for the weekend is that it shows you’ve got good taste (literally) and went out of your way a bit, but it’s also practical and usable if the host so chooses. They can also sliver off thin slices of the blocks for burger toppings (the packs are conveniently burger patty sized) as another unique use alternative.

Beyond distributing these as personal gifts, you can also consider snapping up a bunch of them for corporate gifts, as a thank you to your primary customers (particularly around the holidays). The offices you deliver them to will be impressed by the artful packaging and recognizable brand name, and will appreciate that they’ve been given something they can all indulge in and share, rather than a gift card for the boss, or worse, a promotional calendar for recycling.

Other options for grateful gift recipients? Those tricky in-laws that have summoned you for a visit. Or that self-declared foodie friend that is always looking for the next big thing (and might not know about Bothwell yet). Your gal pals when you get together for a girls night of noshing and talking. Your own parents when you thank them for looking after your cat after a holiday away (where you, no doubt, brought maple syrup). I’m not going to say cheese is a gift for everyone as so many people are adverse to it, plus it’s not something you can leave sitting on the shelf for six months, but it certainly works in a clinch as a remarkable gift of gratitude.

One final thought on the subject? Be original and screw wine. At least this time.

3 Responses to “Cheese If You Please”
  1. Putting together our holiday gift baskets for the season coming up. Would be interested in some samples of this cheese to see if it is a fit for our baskets. What to send some samples to me? We cater, and have merchandising in our Caffe Victoria.

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