iThink, therefore iGive

The actual gift du jour these days is Apple’s beloved iPad – an all in one supercentre tablet computer where you can listen to music, play games, surf the net, watch movies, read books and more. Digital killed the tangible star, what can I say?

Since I’m guessing most people don’t have the minimum $600 kicking around to purchase an iPad for their loved ones, take advantage of those that do. If your parents are spoiling a new grad or newlywed sibling, if your spouse is splurging on one for themselves, or if you know your best friend is going to be surprised with one by their loved ones, hop on the bandwagon and top up their gift with the perfect compliment – the iPad sleeve.

Part of owning an Apple product, really, is the swag that goes with it. There is a giant industry of people who make skins for iPods, sleeves for iPads, and bedazzle iPhones. There are numerous options out there for iPad cases, but I decided to single one out for you.

The Roots Isleeve (does Apple have a copyright on the lower case ‘i’?) is made in Canada and sold by a Canadian company, but make no mistake, it’s crafted from genuine, soft Italian leather. With a simple Velcro closure and padding to protect your precious pad, the thing I like most about this product is the fact it’s decidedly unostentatious. You could easily trek down the street for a coffee without carting a case that screams “IPAD HERE”.

The colours are pretty neutral and generic (save for the cheery pink), making it a great gift for the guys or gals in your life. It’s also relatively affordable. A few searches on electronic retailer websites showed the average carrying case clocking in at $39, and the official iPad case on the online Apple store retails for $45. Roots much more stylish alternative is just $48.

This type of gift does require a bit of coordination mind you. If you happen to know your gift recipient is getting an iPad, ask if the purchaser has also scored a sleeve. If not – and presuming there is an occasion tied to this glorious gifting – ask if they wouldn’t mind if you took over sleeve shopping duties.

Package gifts are a great way to make a single wow gift turn into a WOW celebration. Working together with other friends and family members often means you can cut costs, put your creative juices together, and come up with something that just feels more complete. Other examples? Buy a game to go with a new video game system someone is receiving. Purchase surround sound as a bridal party to go with the new flatscreen the parents are buying for the happy couple. Snag a gift card to the iTunes store for the lucky recipient of a new iPod. Buy a cookbook to go with a slow cooker. You get the picture.

The Isleeve chosen here was selected mostly for its Canadian-ness, and the fact it’s an interesting alternative to the polyester tech sleeves that dominate the market, but don’t be afraid to venture to your local electronics store and find the sleeve of your Apple-minded pal’s dreams.

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