Jagged Little Pill

Today’s suggestion comes from personal necessity. I just opened my purse to grab my cell to find the little pill bottle I carry around with cures for various ailments – sleeplessness, headaches, nausea, and allergies – had broken open, again. Meaning little pills were scattered in (thankfully) a little pocket in my bag.

Before anyone thinks I’m a hypochondriac, it’s so not uncommon to be out with a group of girls and have one of them ask for a Tylenol or a lady product, so why not store your small stuff in a chic container? Turns out there a ton of little boxes and jars to carry all of your scatterable essentials (beyond just pills), many of which include cute pin-up themes or Swarovski crystals.

Option one comes from Canadian eTailer Christoff, that offers round pillboxes embedded with stunning Swarovski crystals. These are super blinged out and as a result pricy. To buy one means splurging on yourself, or perhaps consider teaming up with a friend to buy one for a loved one that has recently been diagnosed with something requires a daily dose of drugs. At the very least, it’s a very pretty consolation prize that goes over way better than a weepy card.

My online travels also repeatedly brought up the same companies, some of which carry resin-plated boxes for the bargain price of about $5, which you can probably find at your local gift store (I saw the same goodies in at least different catalogues).

A quick search on Etsy also brought up 30 pages of pill box results across a wide range of price points and designs, many with funky vintage designs. I particularly enjoy this spooky Shining box priced at just $7.50!

I’ll admit, today’s gift sounds a bit random, but if you consider the number of cases devoted to the ladies out there – lipstick, tampon, cell phone, changepurse, mirror, etc. – then why not surprise the casual pill popper in your life with this practical yet luxurious, chic little treasure?

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