Baby Bound

Just like birthdays, babies are an occasion year-round. I’ve attended and / or bought gifts for a handful of baby showers, and while I highly recommend going the practical route (hint: buy clothes for 9 months plus, everyone loves to buy newborn clothes!), there is also room for some sentimentality.

On that note, the mere thought of having a baby either scares you straight into adulthood, or makes you reminisce for the carefree days of your childhood. My gift suggestion for today mediates the two, in the form of one of the sweetest baby books I’ve ever seen, by the author of the infamous ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ book, Eric Carle.

Baby books, for the uninitiated, are basically fill-in-the-blank scrapbooks that allow you to drop in pictures, mementos (hair and teeth), and little stories about your newborn. A visit to any bookstore will have you swimming in pastel colours and cutesy animals – but Eric Carle’s tome challenges that by using his trademark kaleidoscope of jewel tones and slightly eerie artwork. I’m not knocking other baby books, having bought a different brand myself, but Carle’s books are classic, and if your house is stocked with them, why not give your child (or yourself) something appropriate to remember their early years by?

Interestingly Carle also offers another similar product for about the same price ($17) called A Journal For Baby’s First Year which has a few different features including a padded cover and mobile, and featuring Carle’s animal drawings as opposed to a stronger focus on his number one caterpillar. And after the baby is born, you can continue to gift mama & tot with other Carle gear – in my travels I came across Eric Carle activity kits, prints, flash cards, and growth charts, plus of course, the books that made him famous.

For the record, not every mom wants to keep a baby book. If your friend is someone who isn’t all that crafty / record-keeping oriented, they probably will let the baby book collect dust and eventually sell it in a garage sale. On the flip side this might be just the thing to get them uber excited in the lead-up to the great arrival, and motivation to keep track of such amazing milestones as their little one grows up.

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