Water Watch

I was thinking about desk stuff today after watching last night’s relatively amusing season premiere of The Office. Some people love to make their workspace their home away from home, complete with photos of their kid or hubby, collectibles, or practical gizmos. I could talk to you about customizable bobbleheads or the customizable photo snow globe that typically resides on *my* desk, but instead today’s entry comes from the practical gizmos stream of thought.

One thing I’ve learned in the business world is punctuality equals professionalism, no matter what industry you’re in. If you’re not a watch wearer, then you’ve got have something on your desk to help you keep track of time, and ideally something a little more in-your-face than the clock on your computer or your telephone. Today I present to you a very cheap, eco-friendly, and desk-tastic gift suggestion in the form of a water-powered clock from The Source’s website.

How might this work? Apparently all you do is fill the brightly coloured container up with water, add some salt or lemon juice, and…it works, for up to eight months when filled with water. Pretty impressive for $7.99 (on sale, $14 regularly) if I do say so myself. Of course, there are other water clocks out there, I’m just highlighting this one because it’s readily available on a Canadian e-tailers website. Note that they don’t let you choose the colour, so it’s not a terrible idea to order a couple and distribute amongst your giftees so Brad in Accounting doesn’t end up with a hot pink one.

If your chosen gift recipient is someone who’s on the clock once they’re at work, but maybe has trouble getting up in the AM, consider getting them the Bedol Envy water-powered clock from the Sears website instead. Unlike the Source clock, this one allows has a built-in alarm clock, perfect for bringing on camping trips, staying in hotels (never trust the wake-up call), or just as an eco-friendly, energy-saving alternative for the home.

If you’re wondering how thing works, water is a conductor of electricity. That’s why we don’t blowdry our hair while taking a bath. The inside of the clock actually features an electrolytic cell that is enabled by the water you pour into the thing. The lemon and / or salt just makes the current a little more powerful, and for the amount of energy a small digital clock like this uses, you get quite a big bang for your buck.

As per the original intention of this post, this gift is great for the office. That means it’s perfect for the person heading off to their first desk job. Or the college freshman trying to spruce up their dorm room. Gifts for coworkers, bosses day, administrative assistants day, Secret Santa draws, small birthday tokens, service recognitions, retirements…you get the drift. It also makes a nice gift for suppliers, especially if being a green company is part of your brand’s strategy.

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