Muckin’ About

It’s getting a little chillier out there – or a lot, depending on where you live – which means it’s time to seriously consider outerwear. As Canadians, we’ve made great strides in the world of winter gear from the days of day glo Sorel boots and Arctic Cat jackets (although both are still available if that’s your thing), and these days a great amount of stock is put in marketing the likes of fur-trimmed snow boots, cashmere scarves, and toques that won’t give you the dreaded hat hair effect.

My gift suggestion for the day is an interesting hybrid of fashion and function that ties together the glam details that make winter gear so appealing today with traditional craftmanship that ensures a quality, rugged product. Namely, I’m talking about Julie Pedersen’s muckies. Her stylish snow boots have been seen on the legs of celebrities and magazine pages alike, and are notable for their funky styling, bright colours, and the things most important to a set of winter shoes: durability and warmth. Each pair is custom made from scratch, plus you can also file in custom orders so you know these things are made with tender loving care.

Her boots come in two different lengths and are embellished with dramatic fringed furs, paint, beading, or knitwear. Pedersen also carries lines of legwarmers and spats if you’re looking to jazz up some existing footwear. Now, like most winter boots, her stuff doesn’t come cheap. Splurging on a pair of these should only be done with advance consent from the giftee – if your girlfriend, sister, best friend, mom, whoever is someone you tend to spend a few hundred bucks on, they’re in the market for a new pair of boots, and they’ve got the fashion street cred to pull these off, then consider me your fairy giftmother for introducing the two of you.

If however, you feel the $150-$350 price range is beyond your budget any time of the year, consider earmarking some funds to go towards your loved ones’ purchase of their dream boots, and get them that much closer to slipping into a pair of comfy cosy muckies. Oh and if you want to be the best uncle and auntie in the world? Say hello to baby mucks! A final word to the wise: the Pedersen website changes *often*. If you or your pal is a fan, check back frequently for the latest styles and interpretations of the boots, as well as the sale section for incredible savings on a truly awesome, Canadian-made product.

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