Lovin’ Lanvin

I’m going to just go ahead and say it: we’ve got Isaac Mizrahi to thank for this. Namely, the frequent designer/celebrity collaborations with various retail chains. Mizrahi is (arguably) the originator of such cheap chic couture with his Target presence, but this holiday season H&M is seriously stepping up their game by recruiting French fashion house Lanvin to come up with a line of party-ready dresses, jackets, shoes, and accessories…for ladies AND their lads.

Let me put this into perspective. Michelle Obama made headlines in the not-too-distant-past for wearing a pair of Lanvin sneakers, which retailed at $540. For sneakers. Granted they’re cute, but seriously, this should demonstrate to you how high up in the echelons of fashion society Lanvin (and their fashion director Alber Elbaz) sits. The fact any average joe with access to one of 200 H&M stores around the world that will be carrying the line (and a generous budget) can grab a few couture-esque pieces for themselves is pretty frigging jaw-dropping.

The collection includes everything under the sun at a slew of price points. Whether you spring for the $10 lipstick as a stocking stuffer or $350 for a stunner of a coat like the zebra print above ($200), there is a way to incorporate Lanvin’s new collection into your wardrobe – or the person that’s lucky enough to be shopped for. Obviously the dresses are to die for, but keep in mind kids, they’re all in the $150-$250 range from what I’ve seen.

That being said, if you’re really serious about shopping these looks, first of all figure out if your local H&M will be one of the lucky ones carrying the line. Second, show up bright and early on the launch date (conflictingly reported as November 20th and November 23rd), because I can PROMISE you people will be hoarding items left, right, and centre and soon you’ll only be able to find them on eBay.

The full Lanvin collection is available to preview online at hm.com starting today, November 4th. Obviously it’s a perfect place to shop for Xmas gifts – including items from the stunning, sharp men’s collection for dads, boyfriends, and brothers alike. One final thought for the day? Screw thinking about gift giving for everyone else for a few moments (just this once). Instead, peruse the collection for yourself, pick out your FAVOURITE special piece, and put it at the tippy top of your own wish list and see what sort of magic unfolds come Christmas.

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