Hurly Burly

Christina Aguilera is making her movie debut in a mere couple of weeks, and girlfriend has never looked fiercer. Or so one would hope. Honestly the hype around this movie is out of control, but the previews make it look like a fun update of the classic ‘small girl goes big city, bright lights’ tale, and I’m sure it’ll be well attended by the gals and the gays alike.

Anywho, these days it seems more and more films are building up the buzz by having peripheral products associated with their film – even before it hits the stratosphere. Smashbox is so primed for Burlesque, they’ve actually launched a full, limited edition mini-collection of products inspiried by the film.

If you know anything about Smashbox, it’s that their products really are among the best of the best out there. I could rhapsodize about any number of their products (and sidenote, they have a sampler pack of their top items available for gift-giving this holiday season!), but given that this one is a little bit special and hits some of the high notes of what makes Smashbox so smashing, I thought I’d highlight it.

The kit is designed to create glam, bold, stage-inspired looks, so keep in mind this is not for the shy gal in your life. It’s centred on a dramatic black liquid liner, but also includes four shadows (that double as liners with an angle brush), loose shimmery powder, and a double-ended lip gloss to take the showstopping look from day to night.

The thing I like about both of these Smashbox kits I’ve mentioned is, primarily, the price. While ordinarily these products would run you into the hundreds to purchase, they’ve bundled them together for the bargain price of about $35-$45 (as you can see in the photo above), making it a perfect gift for your best friend, cousin, new girlfriend, etc. Check in with your local beauty retailer (hint: Shopper’s) to see if they carry it!

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