The holidays means plenty of craft sales, no matter where you’re located in Canada. If you’ve never been, go, and don’t go expecting your grandma’s craft sale of hand-knitted doilies and watercolours of loons. Today’s sales are a diverse group of incredibly talented artisans who produce everything from delicately frosted sugar cookies and home-ripened wine to one-of-a-kind felted scarves and stunning photography.

The number of crafters I could showcase that I’ve discovered through attending craft sales is endless, but I’ll start with one that caught my eye at a show I attended a few weeks ago. Sea Glass Designs offers a uniquely Canadian coastal product, with a full line of stunning Maritimes-inspired line of jewellery including earrings and necklaces, plus artwork.

What makes the pieces particularly and individually unique is the use of sea stones – nature’s answer to glass debris carelessly tossed into the ocean but us folks. Over time the ocean beats down glass so much, it breaks into polished, smooth, colourful little stones that eventually end up on the shore. Artist Rita Laidaw hunts down the stones and arranges them in unique combinations, in tandem with other coastal collectibles, for a line that is pretty, earthy, eco-friendly (minus the whole ‘litter the ocean’ thing), and truly Canadian.

You can buy Sea Glass Designs on the artist’s website, starting at $22.50 for sterling silver earrings, however do check out the list of shows they’ll be attending (and keep in mind many crafters you see from one locale often go to national shows) and check out the full, expansive collection for yourself, to find that special piece for someone on your gift list this year.

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