Super Sex

Every girl on the planet, it seems, has watched at least one episode of Sex and the City. If not all. If not again and again. My collection of DVDs has made the rounds more times than I can count, leaving them looking a little worse for the wear. If you have a girlfriend (or guy friend) that is a true Sex fanatic (not in that way), this Christmas, gift them with the ultimate SATC set.

With all six seasons artfully package up alongside the two big screen adventures, a bonus disc, and a glossy booklet, this is the mecca of Sex and the City collectibles (at least, until they release another movie…god forbid). The bonus disc features extra content from all seasons, including deleted scenes, alternate endings, interviews, featurettes, and more.

The gift is ideal for the true Sex fan – but keep in mind if they already own the series, it’s probably not worth it for them to get the set. That being said, I *do* own the series and I’d love this gift, if only so I could sell off my bedraggled plastic cases and have everything neatly wrapped up in this one super chic case. It’s definitely pricy – retailing at $200 in Canada (and $150 in the USA…so if you’re within border distance, this is one time I advocate skipping down South). One slight downer? The set only comes in DVD, so if you want to wait for a Blu-Ray conversion, I say stick it out. Otherwise, have a fab time watching Carrie & the girls get down and divalicious once again!

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