Total Groupie

By now, you’ve probably heard of the emerging group buying phenomenon that’s taking the world by storm via websites like Groupon or TeamBuy.

If you haven’t, a quick recap. Retailers in various major markets across the nation offer up ma-jor deals available for one day only, typically at savings upwards of 50% of the normal cost. The catch for the retailer is they require a certain number of people to buy into the deal before it ‘tips’, ensuring the supplier customers and making it worth their while to offer such huge discounts, and giving you the chance to learn about a new business you might not otherwise have encountered.

I’ve seen discounts ranging from paying $20 for a $40 credit at American Apparel to 2 for 1 admission to a novelty mini golf course to 50% off ski lessons at a nearby hill. The offers change daily and include retail, food, and entertainment offers – plus you can get them emailed right to you so you never stay out of the loop on what’s going on.

The gift suggestion for today is the fact that Groupon actually offers you the opportunity to buy their goodies as a gift. Know someone that would kill for a personal fitness session or dinner at the hottest new restaurant? Surprise them via email and give them something to smile about when they check their inbox that morning. It’s incredibly simple – just click the ‘Buy as a Gift’ icon, enter an email message, and pay! The recipient will print it off, and if they’re smart, bring you along to partake in the savings.

This is a great idea for a corporate incentive – say if you do daily, weekly, or monthly sales incentives, consider snapping up the best deals (or whatever deal happens to pop up the day your incentive period ends) and gifting them to the star performers on your team. Or surprise someone just because you know they’ll love what’s on tap – call it an advance birthday gift, thinking of you token, or celebration of a special memory the two of you have. Alternatively consider purchasing the coupons for your own use, and apply them to purchased gifts or ‘experiential’ gifts like a night on the town or dinner to celebrate an anniversary.

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