Gaga for Gorilla

Lush is constantly pushing the envelope in terms of producing products with a consumer-friendly function. With their new line of Gorilla perfumes, they’re taking on major cosmetics companies that have forgone quality perfume-making for marketing.

Lush has contracted a small perfume-crafting duo who have basically been given creative free reign to concoct scents at will. Sourcing ingredients directly and mixing fragrances based on whims, desires, and whip-cracking smarts, the line promises to be against the grain, with aggressively bold scents that smell like next to nothing else on the market.

The sample sizes of the fragrances are sold out online, but if you hurry down to your local store before March 21st, you might be able to snap up this limited edition sampler set for $19.95, which comes in a super cute recycled paper matchbox you can toss in your purse for on-the-go spritzing.

Personally, I really think the line has a lot of things going for it. The promised limited editions and online-only exclusives make beauty fun again. Instead of agonizing over what spectacularly designed bottle of drug store perfume you want to blow $80 on, Gorilla Perfumes, packaged in Lush’s trademark minimalistic black packaging, sell for no more than $40. If you’re someone who loves to change things up, or can’t make up their mind based on the amazingly anecdotal stories behind each scent, they offer the perfumes in four different sizes and price points. Once you’ve set your heart on one, upsize to the big ‘un.

I’ve cautioned against purchasing fragrances for friends in the past – but generally speaking, the price point (and associated size) of Lush’s Gorilla line is so affordable, you can easily afford to snap up the samples (once they’re back in stock) or the $10 vibrantly-coloured perfume solid for a breath of fresh air.

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