Lip Check

This is not my first time featuring a Joe product, but alas, I love thee. Today’s gift suggestion comes from personal experience – and for the price, you can easily stock up to throw Joe’s beauty products into any gift-giving occasion.

I’m talking about Joe’s lovely tinted lip balms. Having a bit of ADD when it comes to cosmetics, I’ve tried a bajillion different variations of tinted lip gloss, lip glass, lip balm, lipstick…you name it. And yet none have surprised or delighted me quite as much as Joe’s uber-affordable line, coming in at just $8. I purchased ‘Tulip’ the other week, a shockingly pink shade that turns out to be petal soft with a just the right amount of shine and colour.

I love these things because they’re moisturizing, and for my fellow pale Canadians, they don’t come out garishly bright – making them totally appropriate to toss in your purse and apply on the go, without fear of perfect touch-ups or teeth stains. The Joe Fresh website only highlights five shades, but in my prowling through the make-up rack at my local Superstore, I found several others that aren’t on their site, including the one I purchased. Obviously Superstore – and Joe – are everywhere across the country, making these puppies super accessible.

As for the aforementioned stock & stash gift suggestions? Consider these a great finisher to go with a girly DVD or beaded clutch. Or grab them and throw them into gift bags for your bridesmaids-in-arms. Heck, even if your girlfriend is just having a bad day, bring along a pick-me-up to your next night in (or out) – the shades are so subtle you really can’t go wrong.

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