Takes The Cake

Got a baker in your midst? Today’s gift suggestion is perfect for them. Cupcakes have achieved some sort of cult status these days…much in the way coffee shops, bagel shops, and noodle houses have had their moment in the spotlight, we now pay a premium for those bite-sized morsels of sugary goodness. I have several friends who own cupcake cookbooks, and another who operates a freelance gourmet cupcake business out of her home. If you want to help them raise their cupcake prowess to another level, consider picking up one of these super neat gift ideas, courtesy of ModCloth!

The site sells these handy-dandy cupcake kits in two themes for $13 (USD) a pop – a birdy/spring-inspired one shown above, or a tres magnifique Parisian one shown below. Each kit contains 24 cupcake liners and 24 toppers on their respective themes, making them perfect for your next party-sized batch of deliciousness.

Obviously this sort of gift idea is an indulgence – blowing $13 everytime you make a $4 batch of cupcakes probably isn’t feasible for most gals (or guys). But I like the idea of treating a friend so they in turn can treat you the next time you have a shindig to gather at – expect to see a virtual Eiffel Tower of cupcakes if you’re giving away one of these gift sets!

For a few $$$ more ($20 to be specific) you can also score the ‘Pretty Cupcake Kit’ which includes 200 paper liners in varying sizes and designs, a bunch of tiny flag toppers, and a cute little project / recipe book, it’s the best to satisfy any kitchen diva’s crafty and culinary sides at the same time. A super cute birthday gift idea for the gal in your life that’s stockpiling a cupcake cookbook on her shelf but not delivering the goods – how can you resist with a set like this?

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