Find Of The Month: Seven, Meet Pen

You know how we’re all trying to be a little more eco-conscious? Well, we buy green products, or try to shop local, or all of those fun things. But sometimes we haven’t been presented a ‘green’ option for something that’s actually a huge contributor to waste. Like say, pens. Did you know 100 million pens are discarded every year?

Well the folks at Seltzer Goods intend to do something about this, with their line of seven-year pens. Featuring a massive ink supply and a superior Swiss design, these pens are intended to meet your daily scribe needs without busting – the bank, or open.

Available a variety of rainbow colours and silly themes – every pen comes with a little graphic or message on the tab and on the side to suit the personality of your giftee. The company does ship to Canada for pretty reasonable prices, or you can snap up several of their designs on These make a great, fun little Father’s Day gift, or pick-me-up for a coworker, or even something sweet and potentially personality-specific for your spouse or friends.

One Response to “Find Of The Month: Seven, Meet Pen”
  1. I absolutely love love love pens. These are soooo cool. Will have to pick some up at Chapter.s

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