No Trouble With Stubble

In my list of ‘Dad Gift Types’ the other day I forgot another classic, one I’ve already touched on for this year’s Dad’s Day gift round-up: the shaving gift. Whether you go for a high-end homestyle barber’s kit or the latest gadget on the market, there are plenty of options for giving your husband or father some assistance in the facial grooming department.

The Conair iStubble is one such gadget, for the man in your life that prefers a look somewhere between a five o’clock shadow and a full-grown beard. Instead of waiting for the perfect length of regrowth after a clean shave, the iStubble allows men to select the length of their facial hair. It helps avoid that super scruffy look, but also means your main man doesn’t have to start from scratch every few days either.

What’s really cool about this is the amount of control you can have. Whether dad wants to get things down to a fine 0.4 mm fuzz, or go for a borderline beard at 5 mm, the digital control on the iStubble makes it easy to play around with your ideal look. Even better? Its availability. You can snag this from for $90, or head down to your local drugstore and snap it up there – just in time for dad’s day!

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