I’m Thinking…

…it’s time for a refresh to the Canadian Gift Guide. I’ve been running this blog for a year, and as much as I love doing it, I’m probably going to change up the format a bit and give it a run over the summer to see how it’s working out.

Basically sometimes I feel like I’m trying a little too hard to identify individual NEW products or companies, devoting single posts to items you probably get the gist of – and have an interest in – within seconds. Truth be told, I have a pretty solid foundation of amazing shops that I’ve mentioned in the past that I’d love to continue to share with you. Unfortunately my conscience won’t let me feature the same company for five days in a row, but I like the idea of drawing from the well to provide quick picks on a variety of themes a couple of times per week, instead of a single item every day.

That’s not to say I’ll never feature a single product ever again – there are some things that warrant an entire post. But more often than not, I’ve been finding myself wishing I could do a post like yesterday’s ‘Bands of Gold’, where I could provide you with a snapshot of five gift ideas for the person in your life that loves _______. Hopefully it’ll help provide even MORE inspiration than usual, and allow me to create posts that give you options instead of just ideas.

So on that note, don’t expect to see a new post for a couple of days as I prepare for the transition. Do expect to see something new at the start of next week, and from then on, a few times per week for your personal enjoyment. Oh. And spread the word. Thanks!

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