Find Of The Month: Olympic Gear

Credit where credit is due. I was skeptical when The Bay first landed the contract to be our official Olympian outfitters. But they’ve really stepped it up – particularly surrounding the Vancouver Olympics – in terms of producing covetable, Canuck pride items. Including of course, those ubiquitous mittens that first made a splash in Van City, and have since spawned annual incarnations which have been equally popular.

Last year I still donned my slight scrubby 2010 mitts, in combination with a pair of fleecy periwinkle wannabes from the Canada Games, but if you’re like me and looking for an upgrade, look no further than this years design. The mitts are once again available in two sizes for just $10 a pop, and all proceeds go to the Canadian Olympic Foundation.

For the record, a ton of the Olympian summer collection is on sale right now, which means weird sizes but great bargains, if you’ve got someone who’s on the outer reaches of the size scale (small or xl). It also means you should be keeping a keen eye out for pre-2012 Olympic gear on The Bay site cause they probably aren’t clearing out stock for nothing…

Like say…these INSANELY cute retro-inspired tees that celebrate our athletes in a variety of fields. Available for men and women with seven different sports / colours, these are sure to be flying off the shelves come Christmas, so get yours early. Can’t wait to see the rest of the collection as it rolls out in the next few months!

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