The Grass Is Greener

I know it’s fall, and typically that speaks to dreams of HARVESTING as opposed to gardening, but my friends, as any good tulip grower knows, that is simply not the case. Fall is a plentiful time for pre-planting goodies for 2012. Plus it’s an optimal time to set up some in-home gardening projects that’ll last you through the bleak winter months. And if you happen to come upon this post well after it was written, and you’re simply looking for gift ideas for Canadian gardeners, then read on!

For the record, it’s international vegetarian awareness month! As someone who eats a largely vegan, organic diet, I’m excited to devote a good number of posts this month to all things green, sustainable, vegan, and yummy!

Root Vue Farm – $32.99
A little bit practical, a little bit mystical – this gift unlocks the secrets of nature’s ability to grow things with a simple solutio that’s a great for adults or kids alike. It basically consists of a styrofoam box with a viewing panel that allows you to watch some veggies (seeds are included) take hold of the ground and grow, day-to-day. Whether you’re buying it for a curious grade schooler or for your green thumbed friends, it’s a neat way to get in touch – or at least look – with nature.

GrowBottle Upcycled Hydroponic Gardens – $35 each

I know. When most people hear ‘hydroponic’ they immediately think of a particularly weed-y variety of plant. But hydroponics can be used for good, like growing your own herbs using upcycled wine bottles. Not only is it green, it means you can simply snip some fresh mint, oregano, or chives off the stem for your favourite gourmet dishes. And it looks pretty pretty as well.

Perch Mini Pots – $48 each

Nothing says ‘welcome home’ like a plant – it’s a great housewarming gift for someone you don’t know super well, like coworkers, new neighbours, or the outer circles of your friends. I love these ombre-effect pastel hued mini-planters, perfect for tucking a lily or a cactus into. They’re neutral enough to go with most decor styles, but have a little style to them as well. And even if the plant goes south, the pot will last a lifetime.

American Chestnut Split-Rail Fence Birdhouse – $36.99

Okay, so not exactly gardening, but birds are an important part of your backyard garden ecosystem. This upcycled birdhouse is actually made out of repurposed railroad tracks made of extremely rare American Chestnut wood, that was wiped out half a century ago. It both blends into nature yet has a modern feel, and at this price, it’s a fantastic choice for the in-laws, your parents, or your friend that’s just scored a new cottage of their own.

Breck’s Bulbs
As mentioned, it’s tulip / perennial planting season for most Canadians right about now. Where I live, I swear someone has instituted a tulip-planting bylaw as almost every house is vibrant dotted with these pretty blooms come springtime. Whether you’re looking to plant tulips or lilies or daffodils or whatever prettiness floats your boat, Breck’s is an awesome Canadian retailer to help you out. They’ve got a massive selection straight from the Netherlands, and totally reasonable prices. Consider buying  a bag for mom, or planting them at a friend’s house that’s preggers, a newlywed, or unwell for a pretty surprise several months later.

2 Responses to “The Grass Is Greener”
  1. Anne Taylor says:

    I really love the Root Vue Farm! Very cool design! #cgg

  2. Emilia Turner says:

    Pretty tulips, I have never seen this type, it is a great gift #cgg

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