Boo-tiful To Me

It’s Halloween week on the Canadian Gift Guide. That means I’m throwing options at you that can be readily picked up at major chains across the nation – although I always encourage visits to your local gift shops (or Dollaramas, for that matter) for fun, festive items. As I’ve said a few times before, Halloween gifts to me are funny. The main reason why I’d purchase one would be:

A) To give to a hostess of a Halloween party
B) To give to the parent that takes my kid out trick-or-treating (if I had one)
C) To give to friends that come over for some sort of fright fest event – like if you’re having an all-day horror movie marathon, or you’re planning a Halloween weekend stagette, may as well gift everyone something festive

Today’s ideas are centered around beauty / cosmetics / bath stuff. Stay tuned for posts on some must-have horror flicks and books later this week!

Lush – $3.95 – $27.95
Leave it to Lush to come out with one of the most festive, limited-edition line of goodies. While pumpkin spice is a major theme here, look out for unexpected, lively fall fragrance combinations like the Demon in the Dark Spearmint Apple soap or the rose and dove orchard-scented Ghost shower gel.  Beware though: many of these items are only available online, so if you’re buying something for an event this week, place your order on the ASAP to guarantee their delivery.

Philosophy Trick or Treat Limited Edition Lip Shine Duo – $18
I love me some Philosophy, especially because they always get into the spirit of whatever holiday is happening. This year they’ve got a super cute two-pack of glittering lip glosses in a neutral shimmery shade scented like Crispy Marshmallow Bars and a dramatic Cabernet that evokes Caramel-Coated Apples. Perfect whether your pal is bringing out her angelic or devilish side this holiday season! You can score Philosophy products at your local Sephora (or online).

Pop Lashes
Another online pick, but honestly most stores that stock Halloween gear this year also have some really fun lashes out there. I gravitated towards these Pop lashes because they’re truly spectacular looking, n’est pas? These are some of the wilder pairs if you’re organizing a group costume or something, but also consider scoring a more subtle, pretty pair and giving them to a grateful gal pal – cause remember, dressing up doesn’t just have to be for Halloween right?

OPI Spookettes Collection – $15
I haven’t been able to find this set online, but check your local hair salon, spa, or discount beauty store (like Chatters) for this collection of Halloween-themed mini nail polishes. Gift the set to your kids’ babysitter, or break it up and hand it out to your besties or nieces. Whether you’re topping off a costume or you just want to go for a dramatic look, this pack of classic October-inspired shades will definitely stand out, including the Frankenstein-green that has a special glow in the dark effect. PS – if you can’t track down the Spookettes set, OPI has also just launched a Muppets collection with many similarly festive shades, including the electric green / sparkly Fresh Frog of Bel Air.

Sally Hansen Nail Art – $10
Head down to your local Shopper’s Drug Mart or Wal-Mart and peruse Sally Hansen’s line of press & stick nail art, including these punk / Halloween themed skull and crossbones. A perfect party favour for a gal’s night out!

Manic Panic Glam Strips – $5-$7
Go streaking with these neon-hued clip-in hair pieces, perfect for topping off any costume, or taking a mild walk on the wild side on October 31st.

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