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As promised last week, I’m aiming to do a round-up of Canada’s four major bath stores to give you advance notice as to what store has the scents that’ll set your giftees noses afloat, and my top picks for unique and exciting offerings from each shop. Today we’re taking a look at Fruits & Passion, which honestly has a special place in my heart because they’re Canadian, through and through. Here’s my picks for the Top 5 gifts ideas from them this year.

Scented De-Icing Salts – $16.50
Case in point on the Canadian front – this is one item you sincerely won’t find at any other bath shop this year. I actually kind of had a conniption when I saw this product because I think it’s that cool. To the point where I’m updating my wish list. Do I really have to explain why I’m so giddy? Not only is this totally and completely practical, how beautiful would it be to have an ice-free walkway with the smell of crisp pine or warm winter berries as your friends and family pile in for holiday gatherings? Genius hostess gift as well, for all the holiday parties you yourself might be attending.

Orange Cinnamon Decorative Diffuser Set – $26
F&P keeps it pretty simple when it comes to holiday scents. They’ve got a new Boreal Fir woodsy scent, for people who want to keep their Christmas tree memories long after the season is over. Then there’s a classic blend of fruit and cedar with their Winter Berries. And finally you’ve got spicy orange cinnamon. And this – I love. Orange for Christmas? Why not? It’s a nice change from the silvers, golds, reds, and greens that dominate the season, plus it doesn’t have to feel out of place once the holidays are over. Like this beautiful decorative diffuser that looks like a work of art, perfect for your co-worker’s desk or your in-laws’ front entry table. Of course if Boreal Fir and Winter Berries sound as appealing to you as they do to me, they’ve also got equally gorgeous diffusers.

Foaming Bath Ball – $5
And my weekly stocking stuffer suggestion comes in the form of these ornament-inspired bath soaps. They won’t break the bank and they’re appropriately festive – genius! I also love the idea on the Fruits & Passion website to snag a bunch of them and use them as placecards for your holiday fete.

Cherry Body Care Ritual Set – $38.50
It’s worth noting that not all gift-giving ideas from Fruits & Passion have to come from their holiday items. They recently launched a new fragrance – Cherry – which looks Christmasy, but smells like a zingy preview of summertime. Having received a similar kit to this in the past, I can tell you the box is super sleek and almost a shame to wrap up, and the value’s pretty magnificent as well. A set like this would normally set you back $56, but buy the pieces together and you’re getting a serious deal. Also, also? I feel like I NEED to mention the stunning glass bottle the bath soap is packaged in. One thing I genuinely appreciate about F&P is the design of their products is as important as their delicious scents.

Homme Discovery Trio – $5.50
When you think ‘bath stores’ you probably don’t think ‘men’. But F&P has a great Homme line that marries their attention to detail with fresh new ways for guys to develop a signature scent and personal care routine. Enter the Homme Discovery Trio, a package of three sample-sized eaux de toilettes that channel the woods, the ocean, and a citrus grove that would make a swell stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for that hard-to-buy-for male coworker. Ladies, don’t despair – there’s a host of female equivalents at the same rockin’ price.

One thing I feel I should mention – this isn’t my contest obviously – but Fruits & Passion is actually running a promotion where one lucky fan will walk away with everything feature in their holiday gift guide (the source of my inspiration for this post). I *am* still curious to hear, however, which of these gift ideas you think is the best. In fact, I feel like doling out some extra entries in the contest. If you’ve commented there AND you comment here, you’ll get a bonus entry into that draw.

5 Responses to “Passion For Presents”
  1. The diffuser is appealing to me. I love to have the house smelling all holiday-like. Yum!

  2. Andrea Bilec says:

    I think the Scented De Icing Salts are genius! What a neat idea! Very innovative!

  3. Karla says:

    I would choose the “Homme Discovery Trio” and gift it to my husband; we have been apart due to business for almost two months now, and a chance to play at some “discovery” with him sounds fab! 😀
    *Thanks for the bonus TopBox entry!

  4. Susan says:

    The Care Ritual Set looks wonderful as so many of us need to take care of ourselves first. It would also make a wonderful gift!

  5. Courtenay says:

    Those “de-icing salts” are so clever! like you pointed out, you wont find that in the other bath stores! very cute, innovative idea!

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