A Little Goes A Long Way

If you’re like me, you’ve probably started thinking of  ideas for the BIG gifts by this point. At least vaguely – like, you know you’re going to get your dad a gadget, and your mom a day at the spa, and your brother a video game. Hopefully this blog will give you some tips in which direction to go on each general front in the weeks past and coming. But there’s also that ‘other’ kind of gift – the potpourri of trinkets and treats that make up gifts for your friends or Secret Santa exchanges. Like I said a few weeks ago, it can be hard to make budgets under $25 work and feel worthwhile. You don’t want to blow it all on one item – unless said item is pretty awesome – yet you also don’t want to give a bunch of things that feel cheap.

With that in mind, here are fifteen items under $15 that you can mix and match to suit any small budgets this season. No explanations. Just ideas. As a caveat, I wrote this post with ladies in mind – I might try and tackle it again in a week or two for gents, since boys buying for boys tend to be more last-minute shoppers anyway. Heck, a lot of these could also work as stocking stuffers, so consider it a guide for that as well. Hint: a number of these pieces can be split up and divided. So if you’ve got a host of people to buy for, you can use just a fraction of your overall budget per person on a bigger item.

Barbie for Joe Fresh Lip Balm Set – $8

Simons Garter Band Stockings – $6.99

The Body Shop Candied Ginger Mini Shower & Moisture Set – $10

H&M Floral Headband – $12.95

Stash Holiday Tea Set – $7.95

Sephora Glitter Spray (available in Gold or Silver) – $10

IKEA Snodriva Storage Tin With Lid (Set of 3) – $4.99

Forever 21 Faux Croc Wristlet – $5.80

Rickis Crystal Stretch Bracelets – $9.95 Each

Starbucks Cake Pop Set – $10

La Senza Sassy Passport Holder – $6.50

Lush Candy Cane Soap – $6.95 (100g)

Potiron Square Lacquer Tray (available in 6 colours) – $12

Soho Beauty Mini Acrylic Case – $12

Joe Fresh Mittens (available in red, grey, black & brown) – $12

5 Responses to “A Little Goes A Long Way”
  1. amy says:

    I’ll have to bookmark this page, some really great ideas!

  2. I want the Barbie lip glosses. 😛

  3. Susan says:

    Wow — thanks for all of the fabulous ideas!

  4. Debbie says:

    Some great ideas here. I’m definitely bookmarking this site.

  5. Andrea Bilec says:

    I really like the Joe Fresh mittens. Super cute!

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