Help! I Need A…Valentine’s Gift (Guys 2012 Edition)

So last week I chattered a bit about gift etiquette (giftiquette), as part of a new series of posts that combine gift etiquette with ideas, starting with a look at four ideas for the ladies in your life this Valentine’s Day. Today’s post won’t really jump into that because I’d be repeating myself, but I am going to hook you up with four gift ideas for guys for Valentine’s Day this fine 2012, based on the parameters I outlined in last week’s post. Just one last thing. You’ll probably notice my prices here aren’t exactly sequential based on your relationship level. Like I said before, a lot of times couples will talk about V-Day and have a pretty clear grasp on what they’re willing to spend on the holiday. To me? Price isn’t that important. It’s more about the sentiment and thought behind a gift, price aside. Just…make sure he’s not buying you a diamond necklace and you’re giving him a chocolate bar. And with that…

For The Dating Gamers: Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars – $12.50 each @ Old Faithful Shop
Most people will deride the idea of ‘flowers and chocolate’ at Valentine’s Day, but few guys would turn down a gourmand chocolate bar from Brooklyn duo Mast Brothers. With a fair-trade policy, hand-wrapped bars, and mouthwatering flavours like black truffle (harvested from Oregon) and slow-roasted cacoa beans from Papa New Guinea, this is a sweet treat that doesn’t scream HEART-SHAPED CANDY but instead offers a stylish nod to the season.

For The Longer-Term Lovers: Fatboy Eetwie Bag – $48 @ Modern Karibou
Want to make spontaneous sleepovers a little easier? Get your guy a slick toiletries bag and pack it with all the essentials you know he’ll need from your local drugstore: toothbrush, contact solution, deodorant, etc. It’s a less scary step below offering someone a ‘drawer’ in your home, and has a totally practical purpose to boot. I’m loving the Fatboy Eetwie bag, which comes in a dozen rainbow colours to match any guy’s favourite shade, and it’s waterproof, making it a perfect fit for the bathroom.

For The Newly United: 101 Places To Have Sex Before You Die – $15.50 @ Indigo
Much like last week’s massage candle idea, the idea here is to feed the fire of your still-hot-to-trot relationship, and provide inspiration to keep things thrilling for many years to come. Instead of a sensual treat, go for something randy and a little bit tongue-in-cheek – coming from a guy, this might feel crass, but from a gal? It’s downright take-charge sexy.

For The Dearly Beloved: Sony Handycam HD Camera with Projector – $579 @ Future Shop
Boys and their toys. Ladies. Let me give you a hint: there is a way to satisfy your guy’s gadget-cravings but actually buy something that the whole household will dig (and use). Is the price on this a little steep for a mere Valentine’s gift? Sure, but really, use this holiday as an occasion to buy a treat that you’ll use well past the holiday. This nifty little camera shoots full 1080p HD-quality video, has a boatload of amateur auteur features, plugs into your computer for easy upload and editing, and best of all – comes in with a built-in projector and speakers, meaning you can replay those magic moments minutes after they happen. Dads will finally have something to capture everything from first steps to graduation day, while young guns will take to the streets to shoot a viral video with their pals.

5 Responses to “Help! I Need A…Valentine’s Gift (Guys 2012 Edition)”
  1. Sophia says:

    Great ideas! But I bet it would be hard to let the HD camera go once you buy it! #cgg

  2. Susan says:

    Some great ideas at various price points. Love the Handycam! #CGG

  3. Ashley says:

    This is an ever present nightmare in my life. What to buy the man who buys everything he wants himself. I usually go with lingerie and tell him its for him. #CGG

  4. I think Id enjoy the black truffle chocolate bar more than hubby! #cgg

  5. Christina Dragan says:

    Yes, I think most guys would enjoy getting these gifts, especially the last 2 ahahaha.

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