Flash Post: I Heart You

What it is: A glycerine-based heart-shaped soap infused an earthy blend of cranberry, cognac, amber and sandalwood from Canadian bath boutique, Fruits & Passion.
Who it’s for: That girl you just started dating three months ago, but you still want to give a trinket of your affection for this Valentine’s Day. Your mom, as a friendly reminder that she’s as loved by her spouse as she is by her kids. Your favourite single gal pal, since Valentine’s ain’t just for couples.
What it costs: It’s the stocking stuffer of V-day gifts: $5 is all this one will set you back.
Where it’s at: Fruits & Passion boutiques and www.fruits-passion.ca

7 Responses to “Flash Post: I Heart You”
  1. Dreena B. says:

    This is a cute little soap and useful! Fruits and Passion make great products. #CGG

  2. Bet that smells wonderful! #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    Great idea for an inexpensive gift! #CGG

  4. Christina Dragan says:

    this is actually a really nice gift to give someone and the price of it is pretty good. #cgg

  5. Sophia says:

    I love pretty bath items! #cgg

  6. simplyrobby says:

    Very cute!!

  7. sandy says:

    This probably smells amazing! I don’t wear makeup, so I like to have fun with bath products! I must get one of these. #cgg

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