Flash Post: Sweets For My Sweet

What it is: Chocolate Editions by Mary & Matt produces artisan chocolate bars produced in small batches with flavours from the everyday – like milk and salted dark – to the truly exotic – like tangerine and Neapolitan, wrapped up in ever-changing designer wrappers.
Who it’s for: Your Valentine sweetheart. Your sweet-toothed sister. Your post-break-up best friend.
What it costs: $5 to $10 a bar USD, plus $20 shipping for your entire order if you buy online.
Where it’s at: The Chocolate Editions website.

7 Responses to “Flash Post: Sweets For My Sweet”
  1. Dreena B. says:

    These chocolate bars look so different! Neapolitan looks delicious! #CGG

  2. Susan says:

    Those are beautiful looking chocolate bars, but too costly for my nagging sweet tooth! #CGG

  3. Sophia says:

    They are almost too pretty to eat! But just almost…. 🙂 #cgg

  4. sandy says:

    yum! i have never seen anyting like these! #cgg

  5. Salted Dark? I love dark chocolate but have never tried that! The marble wrapper is gorgeous too. #cgg

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    I believe I’m drooling! lol These look like no other chocolate bars I’ve ever seen! #cgg

  7. A freshly brewed cup of coffee, with the yummy ribbons of handmade chocolates is truly a treat to have.

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