His & Hers

Valentine’s Day is typically a time to buy a gift for your partner / spouse / lovah / boyfriend / girlfriend / love of your life. But who’s to say you can’t treat yourself at the same time? Today’s gift ideas are all about twofers – gifts that are technically for your heart’s desire, but will give you a bonus treat to boot.

His & Hers Key Holders – $17 @ Uncommon Goods
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the guy who complains about the girl that spends five minutes rummaging in her purse for her keys before dumping it all out on the stairs in a crazy fit of rage. Or, the girl who stands tapping her foot for five minutes at the front door while the guy scrambles around the house swearing up and down he left them right there. End marital strife with these cheeky keyholders. Simply slip on the one that matches your hook of choice, lock and load it, and never go searching again!

SOUL2SOUL Perfume & Cologne – $27-$35 @ Shopper’s Drug Mart
Country crooners Faith Hill & Tim McGraw are well-known for their enduring marriage and joint tours – now they’ve taken their dynamic partnership into the land of fragrance with two brand new, complementary scents named SOUL2SOUL, after their mega-smash worldwide tour. Faith’s choice for the ladies is a floral scent that evokes a downhome, springtime-in-the-south sentiment with Georgia white peach and princess rose. Tim’s similarly rustic cologne combines spicy bergamot and white pepper with blackberry brandy – and both scents feature a heart note of everlasting flower.

His & Hers Wine Charms – $7.19 for two @ Wine Cubby
If your idea of a perfect, romantic night in involves a bottle of wine, a roaring fire, and just hanging with your favourite person in the world, this is a sweet and elegant gift to top off that $30 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc you picked up on the way home come February 14th. Simply crack it open, slice up some cheese and baguette, and keep tabs on which crystal wine goblet is yours all night long.

Chromosome Towels – $15.99 @ ThinkGeek
These plush hand towels definitely have more of a humorous than a practical purpose – unless you’re really that squeamish about swapping post-hand-washing germs when drying off – but expect every house guest you have to guffaw at the sight of these chromosome-themed treats. If you’ve got a brainy boy or gal to please this Valentine’s, consider this is a charming way to do so.

Jonathan Adler Utopia Boy / Girl Mugs – $24 each USD @ Orange & Pear
Believe it or not, this is the same mug. One side features a lady, the other a dude, handcast in simple off-white enamel. Technically speaking you could buy one and be done with it, but where’s the fun in that? Score two of these artsy mugs along with bag of gourmet beans or loose leaf tea for a sweet Valentine’s Day brunch accompaniment.

4 Responses to “His & Hers”
  1. LOL! Those keyholders are great. But what would be more fun is if the ‘His’ lock was a tad lower..wink wink and the ‘Hers’ was up at heart level. #cgg

  2. Susan says:

    Love those key holders the most! #CGG

  3. Sophia says:

    Whoever came up with those key holders….brilliant! #cgg

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    I love the His and Hers Key Holders! Its really a brilliant idea! #cgg

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