Heart Attack

Are you in one of those situations where say, you didn’t think you were expected to get a Valentine’s gift, but now all of a sudden you need something and you’re totally and completely panicking? Or more practically, did you just leave things to the last minute? Never fear, the Canadian gift guide is here, with a few ideas that’ll jump start your heart. Because we’re so short on time, naturally I veered towards stores that have a strong (although admittedly not universal) Canadian presence. Onwards!

Chocomania Gifts – $4+ @ The Body Shop
Give her some chocolate she won’t begrudge you for breaking her winter diet resolutions with The Body Shop’s new, limited-edition Chocomania collection. Loaded with fair trade ingredients and a luscious chocolate scent, the price point is even pretty comparable – grab a gift set for your sweetheart for just $25, or score a bag of mini heart-shaped soaps for $6 as a hostess gift if you’re attending a single ladies’ bash instead.

Graphic Tees – $22.94 each @ Old Navy
Contrary to popular opinion (and er, most of this blog), a good Valentine’s gift doesn’t have to be spangled with hearts, flowers, and chocolate. As long as it’s from the heart, you’re golden. Since most men lurve them some sports, I’m going to throw this out there as a cheap and cheerful gift for the guy in your life. Old Navy has dozens of vintage-inspired graphic tees featuring your favourite football, basketball, hockey, and even some college teams.

The Sweetheart Collection – $25.50 @ DAVIDsTEA
I’d sort of do cartwheels if I received this sweet box of five, Valentine’s-appropriate loose leaf tea from gods of the good brew, DAVIDsTEA. From sugary Dr. Chocolate and Honeybee to potent Peppermint and spicy Hot Lips, this is a perfect gift to keep your favourite person warm all winter long – and well after your V-day snuggle sessions come to a close.

philosophy Sweet Talk Gift Set – $29.00 @ Sephora, select Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart stores
One of my favourite classic Valentine’s associations is those silly, chalky-tasting candy hearts with little messages written on them. Apparently the beauty brains at philosophy agree with me, because they’ve launched a cute new gift set inspired by that very scent. Featuring one of their classic 3-in-1 shampoo / shower gel / bubble baths, a high-shine hot pink gloss, and a soothing body cream, this is a great way to pamper your number one princess.

Heart Totes – $20 each @ Indigo
A particularly lovely benefit to the whole heart theme of Valentine’s is that you can still appreciate the design well after the occasion is over. At least that’s what these pretty tote bags from Indigo are telling me – perfect for tossing in the car for impromptu shopping trips, toting books home from the library, or taking the kids out for a trip to the park. They’re completely Valentine’s-appropriate of course, thanks to their girly pink shades and sweetheart sentiments, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a gal that wouldn’t want to trot this out on an everyday basis.

6 Responses to “Heart Attack”
  1. Tammy D says:

    Great gift ideas, I love the heart totes!

  2. Susan says:

    Love the teas and totes! #cgg

  3. Ashley says:

    Thanks to you I know what I’m getting my boyfriend AND what he’s getting me (I hope)

  4. We’re getting a DavidsTea in my town soon – cant wait to try them out! yummy. #cgg

  5. Sophia says:

    Can’t go wrong with a cute tote or some beauty products for the ladies! The tea is also a fantastic idea! I love tea. #cgg

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    Its past Valentines now, but what I wouldn’t do for any of these products! I’ll have to give hubbs some hints for the future! #cgg

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